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What is JBPM Services?

JBPM API executes a set of very-high level services. These services help to establish the Business Process Management skills into our application. These services help to establish the Business Process Management skills into our application. JBPM stands for Java Business Process Management. JBPM enables us to deploy, execute, create, and control business processes throughout their life cycle. Are you looking for JBPM Training in Chennai? Join FITA, One of the best educational Institution in Chennai.

This helps to give a whole set of modules. These modules are as follows.  


jbpm has only API classes and interfaces.


It has the core implementation of the sets which do not hold any framework-specific code. 


CDI specific code is on top of jbpm-kie-services.


Jbpm Services provides exclusive abilities to the interfaces.


EJB specific code is on top of Jbpm-kie-services.


Jbpm supports the time-based operation. eg: Deadlines, Timer Events etc.


Communicate with services over remote EJB invocation-currently available for JBoss Only.

Some important services are:

  • Definition services
  • Deployment services
  • Process services
  • Runtime Data services
  • User Task services

Definition Service

It is applied to examine process definition that parses the method and removes valuable knowledge from it. This report gives the input to the system to inform users about what is demanded. Definition Services Provides information about:

  • Process Definition
  • Service Task
  • Process Variable
  • User Task
  • Input and Output Information.

Deployment Services

The main responsibility of Deployment Services is to deploy or un deploys units. It gives the information of available deployment units and their Runtime Manager instances. Deploy, Retrieve, Syntax to create, and get runtime manager.

Process Services

Process Services are focused on runtime operations so apply it only when there is a call to alter the process instance. It is applied to give access to the execution environment that allows.

  • Work with existing process
  • Start new process instances

Runtime Data Services

This setting applies to the runtime knowledge of method Instances. It is used as the main source of information.

  • Execute Node Instances
  • Start-Process Instances

User Task Services

This service is applied to control the specific user task from start to end. User task Service provides.

  • Access to Task Variables
  • Access to task Selected Properties
  • Access to Task Attachments
  • Access to Task Comments

JBPM stands for Java Business Process Management. JBPM enables us to deploy, execute, create, and control business processes throughout their life cycle. Are you looking for JBPM Training in Chennai? FITA is one of the best leading training institutes for the JBPM Course in Chennai.  


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