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Manual Testing Tool

Software testing has both methods of manual testing and automation testing. The manual testing technique is a process where the software testers can manually perform test cases and verify the same without using automation tools.  

Although it requires more effort than automation, it is successfully checking for bugs in the software system. It helps the first manually check for bugs in the software before entering the automation process. Thus assures the application of the software for free from several types of errors defects. 

Manual testing is the process of testing the software to identify the defects without the usage of any automation tools. Are you looking for the best  Manual Testing Training in Chennai ? FITA is the best leading institution for the  Manual Testing Course in Chennai . Trainers are highly experienced, they will teach you the accurate skills and techniques.


Selenium is one of the popular open-source web-based testing, tools, selenium presents a compact software testing framework for web applications. One does not need to learn test scripting language, Selenium gives playback tools for authoring the tests.

It is easy, quick, and easy to use because of the feature. It also provides a test domain-specific language. The web developer can download and use this, it is one of the Open-Source software without charge.   


JMeter is one of the most popular and preferred Open-Source software. It is designed as a simple Java application to measure and evaluate the performance as well as functions. Initially designed for Web-based applications, it is now extended to other test functions as well. JMeter can be used with both dynamic and static resources and applications.  


Loadrunner is a software testing tool from Micro Focus. A User can test system behavior, performance, and applications under load through Loadrunner.   

Loadrunner is acquired now by HP, It can excite user activities by interactions between user interfaces. It also records and analyses the key components of applications. Because of its capacity to animates user actions between interfaces, many still prefer this device for their software testing.

Test Link

Test Link is the web-based software testing management system, it is created by Team test. 

Test Link helps software quality support and allows several support services for test cases, test suites, user management test reports, and plans along with reports and statistics. 

Manual testing is a process of analyzing the performance of a piece of software. It is the application testing that happens manually. Are you looking for a Manual Testing Online Course? Take a step into FITA, Enhance your knowledge with us for employability. FITA is the best leading institution for Manual Testing Online Training


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