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file the annual report for a Delaware corporation? Brace yourself….actually it’s pretty easy.

 Most corporations have 1500 shares and are classified as “minimum stock” corporations. They owe $175 in tax plus a $50 filing fee. The fee for a non-profit corporation is only $25. Corporations with large numbers of authorized shares can owe up to about $180,000 in taxes! If a small company has a large number of authorized shares and insignificant assets, it can “recalculate” its stock based on the assets of the company down to about $400, depending on a complicated formula based on assets and issued stock. If your corporation fails to pay the fee (and/or file the annual report), and your corporation goes into arrears, the state will revoke the corporation’s charter. Administratively the Delaware Secretary of State calls this first stage of arrears, “X” status, then after two more years, the company’s status is switched to “Void” status. If a company is declared void it can later 
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