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How Much Should You Have Saved by 30?

“A lot of people mistakenly think in a linear way -- that they will start to save for retirement once they pay off debts,” says Kristen Robinson, senior vice president of emerging investors at Fidelity Investments, the financial-services behemoth. “Saving now is how you set up your future. Do it now on the front end of your career, and you will be in a good position.”
As hard as it may feel to get going, your future self will indeed be incredibly grateful, as saving in your 20s gives you the maximum benefit from the secret sauce of investing success: compounding.
That said, fiddling around with one of those online retirement calculators that tells you you’ll need a gazillion dollars -- give or take -- by age 67 isn’t exactly helpful. That’s way too far off to focus on, and a seven-figure goal seems laughable on your current salary.

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