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What do you mean, "an abundance of wildlife"?

When I was chatting to other visitors, I kept hearing the same comment over and over again: "I simply can't believe how much wildlife there is here." It is true that at the private Olare Motorogi Conservancy, you do not go seeking for wildlife since the animals come to you rather than the other way around. There is a good chance that you may witness a herd of elephants, a troop of baboons, or a dazzle (yes, dazzle) of zebras within a three-minute drive from the camp.
The nicest thing is that you almost always have all of the animals to yourself. It is not necessary for a large number of safari vehicles to congregate near each sighting, as is often the case at other safari lodges phrazle. You, your guide, and the animals will be the only ones there for the vast majority of the time.
The guides are yet another noteworthy aspect of the Mahali Mzuri experience. Jackson, who was our guide and came from a Maasai community nearby, had spent his whole life with animals and seems to know all there is to know about them. In addition to this, he was well informed on all aspects of local culture, making him a genuine authority on the Maasai Mara ecology.
Acquiring Knowledge of the Neighborhood and Its Community
One of the most memorable aspects of my stay was getting to know local Maasai people both on and off the site via conversations and interactions with them. Jackson led us on a tour of a nearby community, during which we also stopped at a school. We were given the chance to participate in a traditional song and dance, to learn how to build fire using dried elephant dung, and to play some of the children's favorite games at the school where we were staying.
Most, we were able to inquire about the most significant difficulties the neighborhood is now experiencing as well as the most urgent requirements of the school. After going through these experiences, we, like many other visitors, felt compelled to provide a helping hand, and the camp walked us through the most efficient methods to do so.
In the Heart of the Wilderness, Gastronomy of the Highest Order
When we and the other guests in our party opted to dine in a family-style setting on that very first night, the chef approached each of us individually and inquired about our thoughts on the possibility of omitting the menu in favor of serving just traditional Kenyan fare. There was not the slightest bit of doubt; everyone was enthusiastic about the notion.
We had ugali, which is a thick porridge made from maize flour; sukuma wiki, which is collard greens cooked in a sautéing pan; pilau, which is a rice dish; and so much more. The chef walked us through each meal and afterwards responded to our questions on Kenyan cuisine and especially how to create ugali, which was by far the most popular dish among all of us.
On other days, we dined on things like fresh greens from the on-site garden, grilled fish and poultry, and fluffy cakes and pastries — meals that you could get at an upmarket restaurant — but that very first night will always have a particular place in my memories.

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