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How to Give Directions

One of the best things about being able to drive a vehicle is the ability to go anywhere you wish. Many drivers love the adventure of taking a road trip to a new or unusual driving directions. Driving somewhere new requires planning, strategy, and knowledge. Here are some tips that will help make driving to an unfamiliar destination a positive and enjoyable experience:
1. Decide where you are going.
Unless you are taking a literal road trip with no destination at all, you need to decide on an ending point. Identifying where you are going and where you are coming from is essential to being able to plan a route. Make sure you have correct addresses from reliable sources.
2. Use a road map.
The most important thing a driver who is going somewhere new can do is plan the route he or she will be taking. There are several tools that can help you accomplish this. The first tool is a map. All drivers should keep in their vehicle a road map of their home city and preferably their state and surrounding states.
Road maps can be purchased at almost any gas station and are often available for free at interstate rest areas. Road maps generally show all major interstates and highways and will assist you in planning longer trips.
3, Use a GPS.
GPS, or global positioning devices, are tools that many drivers now use to drive to new destinations. These devices often attach to your windshield and feature both a map and an automated voice that gives you turn by turn driving directions to your desired location. If you are using a GPS, make sure to enter your starting and ending addresses before you begin to drive. Be careful not to allow the GPS to become a distraction while driving. As with any electronic device, have a backup plan in case the GPS fails.

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