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Overview of Tally Prime

Tally Prime is the ultimate software that is used to record day to day business activities. It is designed for business owners to share and access their reports anywhere and anytime. Tally Prime helps to manage business more efficiently in Inventory Management (Order Processing, Inventory Tracking), Statutory Compliance, Bank Transactions, Accounting (Payables Tracking, Purchase, Sales, Receivables), Payroll Management, etc. Use this software for your business, Tally course in Chennai explains everything about this software.


Why choose Tally Prime?


Tally Prime supports business owners to get accurate results. Decision Making is simpler with Tally Prime reports such as Cost center reports, Accounting reports, Financial reports, Inventory reports, Cash Flow reports, and many more. 


What's new in Tally Prime?


Tally Prime has


  1. Go to Navigation Bar
  2. Exception Report
  3. Windows Application
  4. Easy Usage
  5. Chart of Accounts
  6. Multi-Tasking
  7. Intuitive design
  8. Change Mode
  9. Admin Rights
  10. Simplified Installation Process


Benefits of Tally Prime


  1. Efficient and Reliable
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Flexible
  4. More Speed and Power


Decision Making is easier with Tally Prime. Tally software not only calculates the tax amount, but also includes excise tax, income tax, customs tax, and service tax. Tally Training in Chennai provides effective solutions for accounting queries. 


The accounting module enables tasks such as voice management and reminder letters to track business ratios.




Tally Prime is also called as GST ready software that helps to manage your business data with high security. Small and Medium businesses require ERP software to manage critical functions - compliance, inventory, and accounting. Join the Online Tally course and manage the complexity of the functions in the background. Enroll now to get an amazing future.


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