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Where is home?

Traveling back and forth between parental and marital homes is always a wrench for women at any stage of life – each time you feel the anguish of leaving a home behind in order to travel to the other. Then comes a time when children fly the nest — and the definition of home expands beyond cities to countries and continents. You want to be everywhere at the same time!

More than 232 million people live outside their homeland (United Nations, 2013). They spend entire lives in other lands, but do they ever really feel at home? Where is ‘home’ for them? Is home the place you were born or the place you settle in? Is it where you are happiest or where you are most emotionally connected? Is it with those you love or with those who depend on you?

They say home is where the heart is — but the heart is in no one place! It keeps expanding and splintering to include the many we love and the many passions we nurture. We leave bits of our heart with all those we touch with love and passion.

When you return to base after traveling around for a while, you feel a sense of homecoming. There seems no place like it. And yet, when your mind is disturbed or your emotions chaotic, you can feel utterly miserable, rootless, abandoned and alienated in the very place you call ‘home’. At such a time the physical structure with walls and floors, doors and windows that you have always called home, doesn’t seem like much of a sanctuary anymore.

So being ‘at home’ is more a metaphor than a physical construct as shown in Property Management Video. You are at home not physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Home is where your soul is at peace, heart warm and satisfied, and the mind engaged. It is where the heart, mind and soul strike a comfortable balance; you can be at home with yourself or with others. You can feel ‘at home’ or ‘homeless’ irrespective of where you are physically.

Home is the place that helps you feel secure, happy, engaged and meaningful. For these are the basic motivators of most humans — to be secure and looked after, happy, connected, accepted and useful. You long to come back to a place where you feel looked after, cared for, with no fear of being judged or rejected. In such a state we find the balance that is essential to a feeling of being ‘home and dry.’ It is the reason why we pine for our childhood days. That is when we felt all this without the noise of computers, cellphones and other disturbances of technology and adulthood. It is the time we connected with ourselves – an essential ingredient of feeling ‘at home.’


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