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7 Company Blogs We're Seriously Crushin' On

Sometimes, these crushes last a few days -- like when a company has a funny flippant response to a Twitter troll. Other times, these crushes last a little longer -- like when you discover a blog you end up reading every day. Regardless of how long these crushes stick with us, they're crucial to staying inspired. 

Unfortunately, some of us experience professional crush dry spells -- we'll walk around feeling uninspired, convinced that every blog in every industry is just doing the same old same old. But that's really not the case at all. Lots of companies out there are doing crazy cool things -- we just don't know about it yet.

Until now. I spoke with the rest of the content team here at HubSpot, and we all confessed the companies we've been professionally crushin' on. In case you need some new blogging inspiration, check 'em out below.

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