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Watch Live HPE and Nimble Storage at Cloud Field Day

event that brings vendors and independent bloggers together. 

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Cotton On of launching product range with “lots of inspiration” taken from her designs

Cotton On launching its range earlier this week, and after seeing the new products. Assirati took to Facebook to publicly criticize the brand, accusing them of having "lots of 'inspiration' in their range".


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Long Should Your Videos Be? Ideal Lengths for Facebook

When a video pops up on your Facebook feed, what do you usually do first? My guess is that you take a peek at its length, .



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The show exemplifies the truth that abstraction

The works on the walls at the Lalit Kala speak of soil tones, Athvayu says, adding that the walls are symbolic for him.  “I can see so many colours in the single shade of mud and eyes look for colours all the time.”

The works that stand apart are the ones reflecting the mud toned textures of the soil. In one work, he uses the symbol of an eclipse. “I think of blending the smaller parts, the ‘aakriti’, as elements that are mixed I think of them as wholes and slice them – just the way we think of our thoughts.”

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Where is home?

Home is much more than a physical construct; it is where and when you feel most comfortable being yourself!

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These solutions can help companies consolidate

Companies experiment with testing the impact of varied customer experiences, but they do it in isolation. When they do try to scale, they smack against the challenge of understanding what to prioritise. The challengehas continued to plague marketers, despite the promise of solutions such as customer-relationship management, master-data management and marketing-resource management.

These solutions can help companies consolidate and stre

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Maslow & A Millennial

Abraham Maslow is known for creating a pyramid of five levels to depict the hierarchy of needs of a human. From bottom to top, it reads: physiological necessities, safety, love and belonging, esteem, self-actualization. Physiological and safety needs are basic needs and includes air, food, water, clothing, shelter, health, physical safety, and financial security.


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7 Company Blogs We're Seriously Crushin' On

October 3, 2014

7 Company Blogs We're Seriously Crushin' On

Written by Ginny Mineo | @

content_crushWe've all had professional crushes before. Remember the last time you walked out from a meeting with someone you really admired? That's a professional crush.

That time you opened up a random link from Facebook, only to discover a smile creeping across your face because the link is from a blog you just can't get enough of? Professional crush alert. And remember when you looked through your tweets and saw that you pretty much exclusively share content from one blog? You've got a professional crush.


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Deal with Loss

Recently, one of my students lost her brother to cancer.  He had been fighting the disease for quite a while and though his death was not unexpected and though I did not know her brother, it was impossible not to be deeply moved and saddened as I watched this young woman and her close friends deal with such a profound loss. 

As teachers, most of us will be faced with helping our students work through the grieving process at some point in our careers. With that in mind, I wanted to discuss some important points that might help you and your students during these difficult and challenging times.


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Wireless and Digital Services

I really like hard problems, and so when people say ‘mesh networks’ to me, my mind is instantly drawn to the hardest problem I can think of: ‘Mobile Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks’.

Mesh networking is an interesting thing. It comes in many guises, and has been lauded over the years as the solution to a wide variety of problems. The basic concept behind mesh is really simple, instead of a ‘traditional’ star network, where you have one router (or gateway) with many nodes, in a mesh network every node is also a router. The trouble is, despite this simple definition, people use the word ‘mesh’ to mean all manner of things, for example:

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