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canon printer not printing black

How to restore a Canon printer not responding?

Canon is the diverse first-rate silent printers to be had for domestic use nowadays. It is famed for its top notch paintings. It moreover offers Wi-Fi, so that the character can print over the network. Some clients have confirmed, although, that Canon Printer stops reacting within the middle of the printing activity.At times it additionally appears to be painfully gradual to manoeuvre a printing order.


Many clients have given you this trouble and they stated that their Canon printers every so often forestall responding and in short prevent responding and do something. The printers forestall printing and do no longer now respond to clients’ instructions.


It wishes to be stated that this is best an clean blunder and Printer not responding to issue. Many times, printers behave in this manner and these problems can be because of problems that lead the printer to malfunction. If you are not capable of clearing up this trouble, then I am going to remedy it for you.


Here is the Solution of canon printer not printing black:


Step 1 : Firstly, you need to find out the setup button. The setup button is placed on the Canon Printer. If you’re looking for this button, then this button is a present inside the function panel of the printer.


Step 2 : After that, via the setup button, you need to search for the smooth setup opportunity.


Step 3 : After that, you want to click on on ok.


Step 4 : Now you have to choose an Access element and look for all the get admission to elements.


Step 5 : After that look for your selected access difficulty. Then you need the Wi-Fi password through which Wi-Fi you need to attach your printer.


Step 6 : Then click on on on OK


Step 7 : After that, you want to locate the setup disk and after that, you need that into the PC.


Step 8 : Now you have got the options of installing location the printer. Run this setup and then you definately truly want to connect your tool on your printer.


Step 9 : After that visit Easy Install after which tap at the Install alternative. Then you want to discover the choice of Printer on Network and pages which is probably loaded newly. If that desire is a Yes then you definitely surely need to go to the choice of troubleshooting.


Step 10 : After that, you need to start the set up of the printer. Then you need to take some time for the method to get entire.

After the complete installation, check the take a look at print from the printer and notice if the printer is functioning nicely.


Or you can moreover look at the beneath steps to remedy the problem of Why My Canon printer isn’t responding.


Solution one: Cancel All Printing Jobs

First of all, ensure that each one the cables are well related and that the printer is grown to emerge as on. Now flow into to the Control Panel and pick View devices and printers. Now make certain that the printer you’re looking to use is set to be the default printer. If this isn’t the case, proper-click on the printer and pick Select as default printer.


Solution two: Print in Draft Mode

Some customers say that printing in draft mode (normal mode) is on occasion faster than the (splendid mode.) But this decreases the fine decision.


For routine place of work usage, the ordinary mode works exceptional. However, for formal reviews, you will want the extremely good prints instead.


 Solution three: Disable Automatic Duplexing

Duplexing way the printer will print on every component of the paper. This form of printing takes extra time because of the truth the printer rotates the paper and then prints it at the lowest. But, if you need to enhance the rate of printing then you should disable automated duplexing.


  • Open Printer houses all yet again.

  • Click the Device Settings tab.

  • Now uncheck the checkbox for Allow Manual Duplexing.

  • Click OK.

  • Please be aware, no longer all printer devices are prepared with the car-duplexing choice.




Solution four: Remove Other Printers and Change USB Port

Some users have suggested that with the aid of disabling other printers related to the computer, they were able to pace-up the printing. Also, there are reviews that converting the USB port allows improved printing similarly to casting off any ‘printing assignment freeze’ problems as properly Devices and Printers.


 Select the printer you’re currently the use of as the default one.

Now do away with any present printers that aren’t in use.

Open Printer homes the Ports tab and checks if the perfect port is chosen.

If it isn’t, pick out out the pleasant port and click on OK.

Also, make sure that no jobs are left in the queue. If they are, cancel all of them.




Solution five: Check Wireless Connection Problems

Canon printers frequently don’t paint nicely if the signal energy of the wireless router related to them is awful. Ethernet connections are considered more effective than Wi-Fi connections. Slow network speed can turn out to be pretty a hurdle if the printer is located in a protracted way from the real characteristic. To repair this:


  • Check the energy of the router.

  • Place the printer close to the router and retry printing.

  • Connect an Ethernet cord to the printer from the router for higher connectivity.



Solution six: Use Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges

Most printers are programmed to work quite with right cartridges. They will save you printing/ print improperly if the consumer attempts to apply a low great/ faux ink cartridge. The right ink cartridges comprise a code that verifies their compatibility. If your printer has stopped printing, check if the cartridge you’re the use of is unique. You can get the specific ones from criminal Canon stores or from its e-alternate maintain.


 Solution seven: Is the Quiet Mode Turned On?

In the Quiet Mode, the printer prints very slowly in order no longer to create any noise. The arm of the printer movements a good deal slower than the ordinary mode and as a result it slows down the printing pace. To make it faster again:


  • Open Printer residences.

  • Go to Maintenance and select out Quiet Mode.

  • Select Do no longer use quiet mode works. You also can opt to set your preferred time frame amongst which Quiet Mode will routinely be switched on.

  • Click Send.

  • You get a confirmation message in some seconds. Just click on on OK and you’re completed.


We desire that those solutions will help you in solving the hassle of canon printer not printing black properly to Windows 10. If you still face any queries please contact us. We are to be had 24*7 in your issuer.

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