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How Mobile Apps are Taking The Sports Industry by Storm

How Mobile Apps are Taking The Sports Industry by Storm

As the smartphone industry continues to release newer and better versions of smartphones, the mobile app industry is also getting a natural boost.

From something as small as taking notes to booking airline tickets, all you need is an app!

A digital footprint, therefore, is important for modern businesses. Apps ensure that that footprint gets in the right place. At the moment, we see no industry that has not utilized apps for their business.  Speaking of industry. There is one industry in particular that has been benefiting substantially from mobile apps. Sports.

Want to know how fast the global sports market is growing? Well in 2019, it was predicted that the sports industry worldwide would have a total net worth of approximately $73.5 Billion. With the way things are going, it would not come as a surprise if the industry exceeds that amount.

The Role Of Apps In Sports

Television revolutionized sports by allowing people to watch the game live without leaving the comfort of their homes. At the time, it was innovative, but pretty soon, the viewers became passive viewers.

Applications converted those passive viewers, into users who can interact directly with the game. They now have the ability to choose their own sports content, view it, comment on it, and share it with their friends.

This level of involvement has never been seen before.

There is also the phenomenon of fantasy sports, that coincides directly with the live games. What once were fantasy sports websites have now switched towards mobile apps with the help of the many fantasy sports app development companies.

The point is that the influence of apps is something that cannot be ignored. Here are some of the reasons why applications are taking over the sports industry.

Helps fan engagement

Constant updates, player profiles, match schedules, live score, statistics, and winning percentages, sports apps have it all.

The sports fan of today has little to no need for subscribing to magazines or newsletters to stay involved in the game. All he has to do is tap on his sports app icon to get regular updates.

If the fan is busy during the game weekend, he should feel no grief as the app keeps him updated on which team won, who scored the most, and post-game statistics.

Provides convenience

When it comes to designing sporting apps, there is one consideration that takes precedence over everything else: the user experience.

A company could design the best sports application, with the most intuitive of designs, but if it does not provide the users any real benefits, it has failed. The user might install the app, but if it is too complex or adds no real value, the user will uninstall because it is just occupied space.

Ease of use, therefore, plays a major role in apps, even if it does provide information that is available elsewhere.

The official Premier League app is a good example.

While the official website provides the same information and benefits, the Premier League app provides you the convenience of following your favorite teams on-the-go. 

It provides a range of benefits. Namely, live updates and streaming, match day blogs, match statistics, highlights, future fixtures for all the Premier and the UEFA Champions Leagues, player profiles, and much more.

Want to play fantasy soccer, but you do not have the time to open up your PC or laptop? No need to worry, because the app also has the Fantasy Premier League option where you can manage your team from your phone.

Builds a community

Community building is not just limited to social media, not anymore. When you create a profile on any sports application, you instantly become part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Many sports apps have a dedicated platform or a mix of groups centered around the app. Similar, but not exactly like Quora Spaces, it provides users a virtual room to have discussions related to the sport and build social connections.

Take the example of Fanstorm – Clash of Fans. A social media app that allows you to interact with soccer fans from all over the world. Just create a profile, and voila! You can now discuss the game, post photos and videos on its Footy Forum, provide opinions and prediction on fixtures, and much more.

Provides customized content

Sports apps would not be famous if they did not provide content customization features.

Let us suppose that you are interested in American sporting events. Within those sporting events, you are interested in American Football (NFL). Within the NFL, you are interested in the Oakland Raiders. The current app that you are using, however, provides you content on the entire NFL rather than the teams and players you are interested in.

Being in a bind, you decide to switch to the Bleacher Report Team Stream app, which provides you personalized content on the Oakland Raiders, its team members, the team statistics, and much more.

I guess it is no surprise now that apps that provide customized content are certainly better than the ones who do not. Within the app, it is certainly more convenient that you are automatically getting the content instead of searching for it.


From our previous discussions, it should be clear that the goal of creating an app should be to add value to the lives of people using it, regardless of what purpose it serves.

In the context of sport, you have both apps from official sporting corporations, and fans of the game. Both of these apps, however, successfully provide benefits to users.

The point is that your sporting app can be anything you want it to be. From a simple chat service to a full-blown fantasy gaming setup. But all of the efforts would be for naught if you are not providing value. Again, value-addition can range from match statistics, to even simple push notifications.

If you are a fan of the game looking to build an app, you will understand the true pain of forgetting about an important fixture due to certain tasks!



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