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How the idea of starting our own Cashback business? And Build Your Own Cashback Website Like Cashkaro Detailed View

How the idea of starting our own Cashback business? And Build Your Own Cashback Website Like Cashkaro Detailed View
Cashback business in E-commerce Industry-first everyone struck us. but the starting point is successful, then every point will be successful in your business. cashkaro idea behind bringing the business here is that Indians want to save money at every opportunity given. We hope that a shopping site like CashKaro will give users cashback on every purchase, which will be a success in India.
Today, Cashkaro is India’s largest cashback & coupons site and continues to grow rapidly. At Cashkaro, users get paid to shop at 1,500+ popular e-commerce companies in India, including Flipkart, Amazon, Zwicky, and more. Every time you buy any of these brands using CashCarrow, you will receive a cashback. This cashback is on top of all other deals and coupons, thus offering users in addition to existing retailer discounts. Once you get Rs.250 in your cashkaro account, you can transfer it directly to your bank account as this cashback is equivalent to real money. CashKaro users can earn anything up to Rs 20,000-25,000 per year by shopping through the site for their daily needs. This cashback can be transferred to their bank account or redeemed as Amazon or Flipkart gift vouchers. In just 6 years, CashKaro has paid over Rs 100 crore in cash back to its users.

Explain how CashKaro works? What is CashKaro's business model?

CashKaro is India’s largest cashback and coupons site that works on the performance marketing model. When a user purchases via CashKaro on a partner retailer's site such as Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, or 1500+, they will receive additional cashback on top of all existing retailer discounts. CashKaro users can receive cashback on online payment of utility bills, travel bookings, grocery stores, food orders, clothing, mobiles, large equipment, and more. All they have to do is visit the retailer’s site via Kashcaro and the store.
CashKaro works on the simple principle of sales as a marketing channel for partner sellers such as Amazon and Flipkart. For every sale made, we receive a commission from the retailer, most of which will be sent to our users as cashback.

Why People are Attracting Clone Script?

In current Days, Everyone wants to follow the business tycoons and entrepreneurs and enlarge their business like top business players. One of the unique reasons is, they get the specific same look and process that helps them to site up their online business. Several business people want to start their own business like Clones. 
Cashkaro Clone Script:
Build a cashback Website like cashkaro by using cashkaro clone script. We CashCraft provide a bug-free Cashkaro clone script with a secure global payment method.
Our CashkaroClone Script is User-friendly, 100 %  customizable, Responsive Design, and eye-catching template. 
Cashkaro Clone Script was developed using MEAN & MERN Stack Technology with an Open Source platform. Cashkaro Clone Script is a trending cashback script in the eCommerce marketplace.

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