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Hyundai Aims To Build A Metaverse Platform

Hyundai Aims To Build A Metaverse Platform

Hyundai Motor Company and Unity have announced a partnership to design and build a new metaverse roadmap and platform for Meta-Factory. The MOU focuses on smart manufacturing, AI training & study, and autonomous driving simulation.


The partnership will make Hyundai, the first auto company to build a Meta-Factory, a digital-twin of an actual factory, supported by a metaverse platform. Meta-Factory will enable Hyundai to test-run a factory virtually to optimise plant operations, and help managers solve problems without physically visiting the plant. 


The duo will develop a real-time 3D and virtual platform that can reach a broad group of Hyundai customers, offering better sales, marketing and customer experience services. Consumers will be able to trial, test and engage various auto related solutions digitally before choosing physical vehicles.


Hyundai plans to apply the Meta-Factory concept, first at the HMGICS facility, to create an open innovation hub for research and development. Due for completion at the end of 2022, HMGICS will study many advanced technologies and mobility services. At HMGICS, the Unity partnership will also accelerate innovation of intelligent manufacturing, 5G, integrating AI and other advanced technologies into a smart factory platform. 


“Real-time digital twins will permanently change how we live, work, shop and make a positive impact on our planet, representing a significant component of what is often referred to as the metaverse,” said John Riccitiello, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Unity. “Hyundai’s vision for the future, including the digital twin of factory operations, represents a significant technological step forward in manufacturing with unlimited potential in its efficiency.”


Source >> https://analyticsindiamag.com/now-hyundai-plans-to-build-a-metaverse-platform/


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