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Is Accurate AI Data Annotation Process Is required For Enhancing Computer Learning Models?


For Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Data Annotation is among the most critical tasks If you've got a precise annotation of your data. This implies that your data is correctly structured or labeled to help you machine learning models how to be able to predict, learn, comprehend and take decisions according to specific situations.
The definition is: Basically, the labeling of data refers to tasks such as transcription of data, annotation, moderation processing or tagging of data such as categorization, tagging, etc. GTS have partnered with some of the top companies worldwide that are focusing on AI projects around the globe and working on a variety of highly complex Computer Vision NLP / NLU solutions and more. All of our Data labeling work is carried out by experienced and committed experts.


  1. Machine Learning technology allows computers to gain knowledge from their experiences with no well-defined programming or human input. It is the future technology. Machine Learning as well as IoT and AI is expected to boost India's cloud market up to $ 7.1 billion by 2022.
  2. Machine learning is the process of using data to learn; however, AI is the latest buzzword. Machine learning is living in the midst of the hype. There is numerous problems you can tackle with the proper information for training to appropriate algorithms for learning. The training data comes as the outcome of qualitative annotations to data and data Labeling solutions offered by the data Labeling company.
  3. ML is only just as effective as the information used to create it. The expression "garbage in, garbage out" is a pre-requisite to machine learning, however it accurately describes a major disadvantage that machine learning has. Machine learning only identifies patterns that are in your data training. When it comes to supervised machine learning tasks such as classification, you'll require an adequate collection of correctly labeled and annotated data that is richly with training data. This will help you conclude that one of the primary tasks that are involved with AI & ML is Data Annotation and Data Labeling services.


In contrast to artificial intelligence, machine learning primarily relies on massive quantities of data and their analysis. Even though a multitude of IT experts are always trying to make algorithms for machine learning more advanced and precise, the main element that determines the effectiveness of this method is the amount of data.

Behind Every AI Headline Is an Annotation Process,

Data is often described as an essential ingredient to fuel AI project, yet it's not all data is created equal. If you're looking for rocket fuel to enable your project to achieve take off, don't throw fuel in the tank that isn't ready to be used. Instead information (like fuel) should be carefully refined to ensure only the best information is used to power your project. This process of refinement is known as AI Data Annotation and there are many misconceptions regarding the process. Companies that take on AI projects have a complete belief in to the potential of automation, and that's why many believe that auto annotation triggered by AI will be quicker and more precise than annotations made manually. In the moment, the truth is that it requires humans to classify and identify data , since accuracy is crucial. The extra errors that are created by automated labeling will require further repeats to increase the accuracy of the algorithm. This will negate any savings in time.

Avoiding AI Project Pitfalls

  • Many companies suffer from a shortage of internal annotation resources. Engineers and data scientists are highly sought-after, and bringing in enough experts to tackle an AI project requires writing an unattainable check. of reach for the majority of companies. Instead of opting for a low-cost alternative (such such as crowdsourcing annotation) that could come and haunt you in the end, think about outsourcing your annotation requirements to an experienced, external partner. The outsourcing process guarantees a high degree of accuracy, while also reducing problems with hiring training, management, and hiring that can arise when you attempt to create an internal team.
  • If outsourcing your annotation requirements through GTS it taps into the power of our team to boost you AI initiative without taking shortcuts that could compromise crucial results. GTS offer an entirely managed workforce, which means that you have a higher degree of precision than what you can accomplish through crowdsourcing annotation. The initial cost may be more expensive however it will pay dividends during the development process , when less iterations are required to get the desired outcome.
  • Our data services include the entire process including sourcing, an option that other labeling companies don't offer. Our experience means that you'll quickly and effortlessly collect large quantities of high-quality, diverse geographical data that has been de-identified and is fully compliant with all relevant regulations. When you store this data on the cloud platform we offer, you gain access to the most reliable tools as well as workflow tools that improve the overall effectiveness of your work and assist to move faster than you thought was possible.
  • In addition lastly, Our inside experts from the industry know your specific requirements. If you're developing chatbots or looking to use facial recognition technologies to enhance healthcare We've been there and can assist in developing guidelines to ensure that your annotation process meets the objectives you have set for your particular project.
  • At GTS We're not just thrilled about the new age of AI. We're helping to advance it in amazing ways. Our experience has allowed us to get numerous successful projects on the right track. To find out what we can help you with your own implementation, contact us to inquire about a demonstration now.

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