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What is the role of an EPC contractor?

What is the role of an EPC contractor?

What is the role of an EPC contractor?


The civil infrastructure project needs a large investment in time, capital, and resources. So, many organizations engage in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractors for building up their projects. Some companies will not employ dedicated engineers to complete their projects. While others would include qualified workers who dedicate their time fully to business. The industrial civil contractors in Chennai provide turnkey solutions for each of the projects. The EPC contractor helps us in managing all stages of the project and makes sure that our goals are met. 


The contractors leverage their experience, industry resources, and knowledge for the betterment of our project. They give the organization full control over business decisions, specification changes. Thus our engagement in this project will not affect the organization's business operations. These people have a single point of contact so that we need not hire dozens of contractors for our project.  


Concept Development by the contractor:

The EPC contractor will frame the project, check on its priorities, facilities and start to work on the conceptual design. The contractor designs the project based on the specifications. The industrial builders in Chennai are very well experienced and have deep knowledge of the construction process.   


Feasibility study: 

The contractor develops one or more concepts. He gives us various options by doing the feasible study. The budget and the design are defined at this stage. He will narrow down the scope and give us the best estimates so that we can choose the concept of our application. 


Front End Design and Engineering:

Once the concept is selected, the contractor moves onto the front-end part. They begin with detailed design, procurement, and engineering. This process includes the creation of documents such as process and instrument diagrams, process hazard analysis, process flow diagrams. Thus the documentation once created during the FEED period will help us in the construction phase as well. It will guide us in the operations also. The Front End Engineering and Design process states the estimate of the project so that the financial decisions can be made easily.


With all these functions predefined, the construction can begin. The contractor will handle all sorts of raw materials, labor, etc. Thus the pre-project planning is done by the EPC contractor before the construction process. The managers in the project will ensure that the quality is achieved with no issues. Some renowned warehouse construction companies in Chennai offer the products as per the client's specifications. Thus the EPC contractor will ensure satisfaction as they take care of the timeline and the budget in the project. These are the roles of an EPC contractor in the entire phase of the project. 




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