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What are the symptoms of an ADHD child?

What are the symptoms of an ADHD child?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is prevalent among kids. The symptoms include 2 types of behavioral problems. One is inattentiveness and the other is impulsiveness or hyperactivity. Some people have both types of ADHD problems but that is not always the case. Few kids would have only one type of symptom and not both. It is also termed attention deficit disorder. This can sometimes go unnoticed because the symptoms are less obvious. 


ADHD in children and teenagers:

There are well-defined symptoms for teenagers and children. Usually, the symptoms appear before the age of 6. Symptoms occur in various situations such as in school and at home. The ADHD treatment in Chennai is done at many institutions for the symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention. 



Inattentiveness is a sign which should be noticed at an early stage. They have a short attention span so that they can be easily distracted. They will make careless mistakes at home or even at school. They forget and lose things periodically. They won’t be able to stick to tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. It is impossible for them to listen and follow the instructions as they constantly change their task or activity. 


Hyperactivity and Impulsiveness:

Children are unable to sit for a longer time especially in a quiet environment. They won’t be able to concentrate on tasks. Excessive talking and physical movement will be there in their daily activity. These are the kids who act without thinking and interrupt conversations without waiting for their turn. The fear factor is much reduced in this type of kid. Right brain training should be done at an early stage so that the kids can be corrected easily. 


Some kids might also have an anxiety disorder, sleep disorder, conduct disorder, and depression. Adult symptoms are more difficult to define as there is a lack of research on ADHD in adults.  


All these symptoms cause underachievement in school, poor social interaction, and problems with discipline matters. Thus, concentration exercise for students are being given by some institutions for the kids' betterment. The behavioral problems that come along with ADHD can even cause difficulties in relationships and interaction with people. Thus, parents can approach the training institutions that help kids to improve in all such behaviors. 


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