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Who provides the best p2p crypto exchange clone script?

Who provides the best p2p crypto exchange clone script?

Let me explain all the important things you need to know about crypto exchange clone script to start your crypto exchange business.


First you should know what a crypto exchange clone script is. The crypto exchange clone script is a ready-made software and it has all the features of the crypto exchange and with this exchange software you can deploy your platform as fast as possible and you can get your platform in a short time.


 Now you have doubts about where I can get the best crypto exchange clone script and who provides the best crypto exchange clone script solutions.


In my point of view it’s quite tough to find the ideal clone software development companies around the world. No need to worry, according to my survey, I have found the top-notch crypto exchange software company which will fulfill all your important requirements.


Their crypto exchange clone script solution will help you to save your valuable time and hidden costs. WeAlwin Technologies is a leading white label cryptocurrency exchange development company across the globe.They offer highly secured and bug free p2p crypto exchange clone software.


What do they offer on their cryptocurrency exchange platform clone script?


1.It supports major cryptocurrencies.

2.It supports USD and normal currencies.

3.KYC/AML verification

4.It supports multi cryptocurrency support and multi signatures on secure crypto wallet.

5.It has advanced security protocols including DDoS, X-XSS, 2FA and more.

6.You can add or remove cryptos as your preferences.

7.It supports both web and mobile applications, iOS and android.

8.Liquidity API

9.Security token exchange development

10.Atomic Swaps.


security features of their crypto exchange clone software:


1.HTTPS Authentication.

2.Jail Login.

3.Encrypted Data.

4.Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) Protection.

5.HTTP parameter pollution protection.

6.Escrow System.


Why choose WeAlwin Technologies?


As a Crypto exchange software development company they have very dedicated developers and 50+ blockchain experts who are very passionate in cryptocurrency and blockchain development service.They have rich experience in this niche and they have been helping many clients across the globe,they always focus on their business goals.They provide  p2p crypto exchange clone scripts like Paxful clone script and Remitano clone script, Localbitcoins contains reliability,stability, and scalability which make it as best in crypto business space.They assured a profitable crypto exchange business in a short turnaround time.


Their exchange includes 



2.end to end support

3.qualified experts 

4.bug-free solutions 

5.24/7 customer and maintenance support

6.high level security features.


Still, do you have doubts or any queries about p2p crypto exchange development?


Get in touch with their blockchain experts via:


Whatsapp/Telegram: 9994044929


Mail-id: sales@alwin.io


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