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Spectrum roadrunner email settings

Frequent Steps for Time Warner Roadrunner Email POP & IMAP Server Settings
Roadrunner (Spectrum) Email Server Settings
The key two components for Roadrunner email settings are POP and IMAP . One of these server kind is needed to configure e-mail on  mail programs inclusive of Outlook, Thunderbird etc. These settings are also required for configuring your e-mail on diverse gadgets which include clever telephones, capsules, Ipad and so forth to set Spectrum roadrunner email settings .
Setup your Roadrunner electronic mail account in your mail utility by using the use of the beneath mentioned steps :
Firstly, open mail software (outlook, thunderbird etc) and visit the “My Account” section.
Next choose the “Add Account” alternative and then hit on the “Email” icon.
Enter your Roadrunner e mail cope with and password within the respective area. Thereafter, bypass the option routinely configure account and press “Next”.
Now you will want to enter you e-mail server settings manually 
This is defined inside the next segment in quick wherein you may choose Roadrunner e-mail settings using the server IMAP or POP3. 
Manual Roadrunner Email Server Settings Instruction Guide
Roadrunner Email IMAP Server Settings
To setup Roadrunner IMAP Server , comply with the below steps:
Firstly , Open email Application to your System
Enter your Roadrunner e mail credentials details (Email address and Password).
Choose guide setup option and uncheck “Automatically Configuration” alternative. 
Select IMAP server settings for Roadrunner e mail and comply with the below give configuration- 
Select Account Type “IMAP”
Incoming Server : mail.Twc.Com
Incoming mail server port : 143
Select the Security Type :SSL/TLS
Outgoing Server : mail.Twc.Com
Outgoing Mail Server Port :587
Security Type: None
Insecure Port: None
Type Roadrunner e-mail identification inside the electronic mail discipline. 
Uncheck Option : secure server
Uncheck Option : confirmed certificate
Enter entire Roadrunner electronic mail & password and press ‘Next’. 
Now you need to offer which account call, that need to seem at the display screen on your machine.
After that Hit on the “Done” option 
So these are the Roadrunner IMAP server settings with the aid of which you may configure settings for roadrunner email.

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