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Mean Stack refers to a group of technologies from JavaScript used for web application creation. Therefore it is based on JavaScript from the client to the server and from the server to the database. MEAN is a complete toolkit for designing easy and robust web applications.

MEAN is a user-friendly stack that is the perfect way to create websites and apps that are dynamic. This free open-source stack provides a quick, structured way to create rapid prototypes for web-based applications. Mean stack training in Chennai will help you to know more about this technology. 


About Mean stack developer

MEAN Stack Developer is an application programmer based on JavaScript who primarily operates on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS). Mean stack developers are operating on both the Java Script based backend and the front end of the application and thus a medium stack developer must have comprehensive JavaScript expertise.


Skills of Mean stack developer

  1. In front-end and back-end processes, the mean stack creator would operate.
  2. The creator of the Mean Stack can work with HTML & CSS
  3. He/she should understand models and instructions for the design of architecture
  4. Web application expertise, on-going convergence, and cloud technology
  5. Strong DB Architecture Comprehension
  6. SDLC expertise and practice in an agile environment
  7. To develop solid structures with the IT team to support company priorities
  8. Naturally, hands-on Mongo, Express, Angular, Node.

What cant be done with Mean stack

  1. For small to medium-size applications, MongoDB may be an excellent alternative. But for large-scale implementations, it is not the right choice
  2. No general JS coding instructions are available
  3. Once the first website has been built using medium stack technologies, it is impossible to get back to the old method
  4. It provides weak server separation from corporate logic
  5. You might lose documents theoretically.

Certification in Mean stack

Awareness of this technology will be a challenge to encourage this by supplying FITA with the aid of trained trainers with the best training in the Mean Stack course in Chennai. We also deliver it more easily for students through the online portal. Enter FITA here and get your potential dream work.

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