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How to Cite a Blog Post in Different Referencing Conventions

If you are writing an academic paper, there are high chances that you have to cite sources from a blog post. Now, it might be Vancouver citation, or MLA, APA. Keeping the referencing style in mind, you have to obtain the authentic format so that you can cite in the text and the reference list.

  • APA

If you wish to cite a blog post in your thesis or essay, you have to abide by the following format.

Format: Author's last name, first initial of the author. (Date posted) Title of the blog post, Title  of the Blog , URL

Example: Ferguson, A. (2019, January 14)Fake News Circulation and its Prevention, Media4U.  https://www.Media4U.com/news .   

You can easily verify the result by putting in the details in a citation generator.

  • MLA

The MLA referencing style is widely used in subjects like Humanities. To cite a blog post as per this convention, abide by the following template.

Format: Surname of the author, first name of the author. "Title of Post" Blog Name, Publisher (if it is different from the name of the blog), Date of publication, URL (omit //) 

Example: Ferguson, Anthony "Fake News Circulation and its Prevention" Media4U 14 Jan. 2019   www.Media4U.com/news 

If you are unable to understand the format of the MLA citation, it would be wise to take the help of professional experts.

  • Vancouver

When you use Vancouver referencing, the reference list is in numerical order, and each number matches the one in the text. And the format for a blog post is as follows: 

Format:  Surname of the author, Initial of the Author, Title of the Blog Post [Internet], Title of Publication, Year Published, Available from: URL

Example:  2. Ferguson, A. Fake News Circulation and its Prevention [Internet], Media4U, 2019, [cited 12 August 2020] Available from: www.Media4U.com/news

If you are a beginner, you might face issues understanding the interface of the citation generators. In such cases, you should refer to these examples.

  • Oxford

If you wish to cite a blog post in the Oxford style, the template will be:

Format:  n  Initials. Author, 'Document Title', Name of the website, Place of Publication, Name of the publisher, Year, Page Number, URL

Example:  3 A. Ferguson 'Fake News Circulation and its Prevention ,' Media4U Washington, 2019, p. 1 www.Media4U.com/news

Do not forget to insert the superscript number when you are compiling the sources in the reference list. Moreover, you also have to use the superscript number when you use the footnotes in your academic paper.

  • Chicago

If you wish to cite blog posts in your academic papers as per Chicago referencing style ,  follow the structure below.

Format:  Surname of the author, First name of the author. "Title of the Blog", Publisher. Web Address (retrieved Date Accessed)

Example: Ferguson,Adam "Fake News Circulation and its Prevention" Media4U www.Media4U.com/news  (accessed April 3, 2020) 

This is another citation machine style that is used for citing sources in History and Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences.

Thus, you can now cite blog posts in any academic papers as per Vancouver citation  or APA, MLA styles, etc.

Summary: The article highlights the ways to cite a blog post as per APA, MLA, Vancouver, Chicago or Oxford conventions. If you are not able to follow the format, it is always wise to verify it using a citation tool.

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