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All About Online Gaming Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

With increasing internet speed and the multiplying power of machines, online gaming has picked up the speed in recent times. People have started to enjoy playing with real players which are connected through the high-speed fiber optics and never-ending bandwidth of these times.

  • Every Game Development Company is investing a lot in online game development as the market has evolved in such a way.
  • Companies are looking to Hire Top Game Developers to make something unique and interesting for the consumers.
  • The gaming industry is dominated by the millennials at large, they are driving the development cycle of every gaming company.
  • If you are looking to earn big and fast online gaming should never get out of your sight, let's understand some of the latest Online Gaming Trends to give you a head start in this race of development.

Real to life graphics


  • Talking about games and not mentioning the importance of graphics is near to impossible, they are the most talked-about aspect of any gaming platform.
  • Making the graphics crispier without using much of your hard drive is the real task for which investors are looking to Hire Game Development Company.
  • Real revenues lie in the value generation and that too more than the competitors.
  • Optimization of code to give the heaviest output using the lightest code is what developers are now paid for.

Customization and Personalization

  • This trend has picked up even in the gaming industry, players are now looking for tailor-made products which are suitable for their kind of game-play.
  • In-app customization is becoming a norm due to its immense capabilities of the application gamers now choose their backgrounds, costumes, weapons which do not affect the gameplay but make them feel valued.
  • Many versions of the particular game like lite and heavy have also become mainstream as companies are focusing on customization at large.

Battleground Gaming

  • Intense games which require a lot of attention and planning are making their way in the online gaming industry.
  • Killing and bloodshed are being loved and this will remain the trend in coming years.
  • Playing the part of a villain rather than a hero attracts more attention.
  • A game without a background story and mission seems out of context to gamers, game
  • development companies are trying to build a story around the game to make it seem more real.

Cross-Platform Functionalities

  • It would be naïve to consider every player uses the same platform to play games.
  • Mostly Android Game Development has become popular but you need to have your A-Game ready for every major platform in the market.
  • Development of cross-platform games, so that uniformity is maintained across every platform, is paramount in the game development.

Cloud-based Gaming

  • Cloud has taken the storage market by storm and created a space for itself by showcasing the capabilities and applications in the online gaming industry.
  • Expensive gaming consoles have been a problem for gamers as they get outdated in some years, evidently investing regularly in a console rather than a game seems unfair to the audience.
  • Cloud gaming can make everything streamlined using the capabilities of servers and the 5G connectivity which could be rolled out any time soon.
  • It will eradicate the dependence on hardware while giving an immersive gaming experience.

Final take

Online gaming has changed due to the multiplayer aspect and exponential increase in the speed of the internet. This has brought many new players to the market and Mobzway is one of them. It is the best online gaming platform available right now which provides high-end graphics and is built using the finest technology in the market.

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