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Sensory Overload

You sit outside in the patio. Smoke fills the air. There are people inside but the real party’s out here. Besides, though you like talking to new people or people you haven’t seen in awhile, you love the fact that you don’t have to act anything less than yourself around your closest friends. You also enjoy these moments because of the pure state of calm you’re in when you’re in them.
         The senses are the first gates in perception. However, these fail easily. The best example of this is the law of closure: when a participant is shown what appears to be a shape, a circle for example, however it looks like parts of it have been erased. Though technically not a circle, because a circle must be smooth and closed, our brains still “complete” the image so that we still perceive a circle. Not to mention all the optical illusions that people have made, like the “jumping” dots, which also point to perception failure. If our perception is so easily fooled, can we reliably trust it to make sense of our reality? Is there even an objective reality? The scientific method is the most reliable way in shaping our objective reality but modern physics is constantly finding new things about how matter changes from nonbeing into being.
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