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POS Software: Barcode Scanning

POS Software: Barcode Scanning
Scan barcode
Barcode scanning is an essential feature, especially in the post-pandemic world. This feature allows you to scan your product with a unique barcode. As the product is scanned, the screen will show prices, discounts and other details, and the record will be updated to reflect the sale.
Why is it important?
Barcode scanners eliminate human error when calculating and entering data. It's quick and easy to use, so employees can get used to it without extensive training. You need  barcode scanner to use the all features of the best POS Software in Bangladesh. 
Barcode scanning can also help you manage your deliveries. When the item is delivered, the agent simply scans the item's barcode to update the information in the store database. No time is wasted syncing or retrieving data at any step.
Let's look at an example of how this feature helped a company grow its sales.
Case Study
Cheese shop Dobbs & Bishop needed a way to charge for weight-based products without having to create a new inventory entry for each individually weighed item. With the introduction of weight-based barcode capabilities, we were able to pre-determine cheese platters and other foods sold in pounds.
This has reduced inventory and made checkout smoother. Customers can now order cheese platters because items are weighted and billed based on weight-based barcodes. Orders are generated and stored within the point-of-sale system, allowing cheese shops to record sales data and predict sales on the busiest days. Mobile scanners can also help you check your inventory. It is better to use barcode scanner with POS System.

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