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Creative Writing Topics:

1. Write about the scariest dream you’ve ever had? Why was it scary? 

2. Create your own planet with a unique race. Imagine they only have a limited time to either escape the planet or stop to pay someone to write my paper the meteor that is coming towards them.

3. Create a character that has a special power. Not only does he/she not know how to use the power, but they must use the power for good.

4. Write a story about a personal experience. Perhaps it’s your first day of school, you've learnt to ride a bike, or it’s your first day of cheap essay writing service. Be as descriptive as possible. Talk about scents, noises, and how you felt.

5. Start a story based on a conversation you overheard. Perhaps you overheard it on the bus, walking home, in a mall, or at the grocery story.

6. Spend some time people watching. Pick a random person to be the main character of your story to  pay someone to write my research paper. Talk about what they do for a living, if they’re married, where they live, and why you picked them. What interested you about them?

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