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versa engineering & technology

Enterprise-level businesses, especially those aiming to evolve their tech and keep it up-to-date, are looking for network specialists to help them create the best networks possible. Versa SDWAN Engineers often find work internally as part of an organization's IT team or with network providers, helping to sell and optimize networks for a range of different clients.

The role of a Versa SDWAN Engineer can be a diverse one. In many teams, they work with sales and other IT professionals to help sell, develop and install configurations for Wide Area Networks, both Versa and otherwise. In other roles, they may provide a support role for a Versa SDWAN networking, troubleshooting issues and optimizing the network. A Versa SDWAN Engineer may also be heavily involved with the sales process itself, elucidating the benefits of the system on a technical level for clients.

Versa SDWAN is a system providing a software-based approach to the network needs of enterprise-level businesses, offering to streamline their system and make it accessible through a range of devices via Cloud computing. Wide area networks and the Cloud are both fast growing popular, so the career of a Versa SDWAN Engineer can be a busy one, indeed.

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