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I will grow old, but must I grow up?

We forget as we go deeper into deeper into the parenting mode that it’s just a role, it’s not us. The child within us is always looking for attention and to also be able to be a child. We silence the voice of our inner child and then wonder with every passing year why it is that we get more and more cynical, boring, jaded and unenthusiastic. It’s very simple, we silenced the very part of us that was fun, spontaneous, passionate, inquisitive and trusting. You need to revisit your inner child, hug that part of you super tight, appreciate every good quality it infused you with and say “while playing my roles of who I should be, I forgot to appreciate the part of me that is the very essence of me”. It’s not just the greatest ability, but the greatest joy, to be happy, enthusiastic, laughter filled and childlike once again.
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