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Is Site Flipping Still Worth It? Sheer Frustration

Hello Guys,

Yes profits are getting smaller on starter sites but if you can push volume and make quick sales as well as add on's there is decent profit. 

So profit is not my gripe its dealing with the buyers, sheer frustration doesn't even come close and I would love to hear from other warriors on how they deal with difficult buyers.

The last 2 buyers have been a complete nightmare to the point where I stopped listing just to deal with these. I took a lot of time to lay out the most basic steps to getting buyers up and running fast and I understand what its like to be new but they want everything yesterday.

It seems my instructions were completely ignored. I tend to respond to most messages within 12 hours and the amount of messages I got from each buyer in that time was unbelievable.

"Where is my site" "Why have you not sent this" etc etc

I sold one for $55 for a quick sale and I kept asking him to change the nameservers on the domain I pushed and he would not, so I could not set up the site for him and he called me a scammer, He now wants full on coaching via skype.

Another contacted flippa support about 13 hours after I sent full instructions requesting his hosting details, saying I was unresponsive and not delivered the site.Within that time frame he bombarded me with messages. I have requested his hosting details at least 4 times and still waiting.

If I start to ramp this up I don't know if it will be worth dealing with people like this, reminds me of ebay buyers.

Are there members that sell starter sites in volume, how do you deal with these people. They don't understand there is a process of changing namservers getting hosting set up etc 




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