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How can I get a PayPal refund?

It's a predicament that none of us wants to face, but one most of us will sooner or later. You order something online and it arrives broken. Or the incorrect colour. Or it just does not function. Alternatively, the product description does not match the product. Or it just does not appear at all.

What exactly do you do?

You do have choices if you purchased the product using PayPal, but you'll have to wait. To get your money back, you must go through a series of processes. First, a brief explanation — and a word of caution.

Anyone who makes a purchase through PayPal is covered by PayPal's Purchase Protection Program, which ensures that if something goes wrong, you can get your money back. The fundamental procedures for what to do if you haven't received your goods or it isn't as described are outlined on PayPal's Help page. We'll go through them in a minute. First, some background information.

The Purchase Protection Plan is only available if you paid for something with PayPal. If you just transferred money to someone — example, a friend or a relative — there is no way to retrieve it back once the money has been accepted (unless they agree to refund it). As a result, if you're buying something and the vendor wants you to pay via PayPal as a friend rather than a purchase, don't do it. It could be a hoax, and you'll have little recourse if it is.

On PayPal's User Agreement website, there is a list of transactions that aren't covered by the Purchase Protection Plan. Real estate, some cars (in other words, you're not insured if you buy a car, but you are covered if you buy a bicycle), gift cards, and donations are all examples.

All of these issues, as well as others, can be resolved quickly and easily by issuing a PayPal refund.

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