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My Co-Op Term at Safe Software

Safe Software offered an experience that showed they care about all of their employees, including the co-ops. We started with an extensive one-week orientation process that introduced us to the company, trained us on the product we would be working on and taught us about important concepts like software copyright and source control — good things to learn for any aspiring software developer. At the end of the first week the co-ops split up and we began working with our teams. My team lead was patient and always happy to help whenever I got stuck (which was a lot at first), but I quickly began to familiarize myself with the code base and become a productive member of the team. Looking through the code was a valuable learning experience itself because I picked up good habits and learned about some bad ones I had been doing for a while. We also had weekly team meetings where everyone would discuss what they were working on and what they had accomplished the previous week. It was interesting hearing about technologies I had learned about in class, and how they were implemented in the “real world”. These experiences have given me a lot more confidence in my technical skills moving forward in my career.
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