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Reset Lexmark Printer 900 Firmware Error

Reset Lexmark Printer 900 Firmware Error

When your Lexmark printer displays a 900 Firmware Error, you are dealing with a communication issue. To figure out what is causing the error, determine whether it occurs only when the printer receives information from a computer or your network. If this is the case, reach out here how to Reset Lexmark Printer. To fix the problem, turn off the printer and unplug all cables except for the power cord. If the issue persists, it could be caused by a hardware malfunction or by a connection issue. If the 900 error still occurs, restart the printer and download and update the latest Lexmark firmware. If the 900 error returns, your Lexmark printer may need to be serviced.

Reset Lexmark printer When you lost password

We usually forget the printer password after using it for a while and the same thing happens with the admin password. To resolve this, Reset Lexmark Printer password is the best solution. We have provided the process below for your reference even though it is very simple to reset the password. You must first power off the MFP. Next, you must press and hold the OK button on the printer's control panel. Now you can power on the printer and hold the OK button until the printer displays Ready on. Once the MFP is powered on, the password is not reset to the default of 00000.


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