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What is Primavera? And its Features

What is Primavera?

primavera is a project and portfolio management tool. this tool is for controlling and planning the project work and also managing the overall project. this tool is mainly developed for construction, energy, manufacturing end it related industries. For more than 25 years this tool used in project management.

Who Uses Primavera?

commonly team or project managers uses primavera to delivering project and program. primavera can be used in any project, and any project professionals can use this tool for efficient project management. But before using this tool one should know about that tool. Primavera Training in Chennai provides complete guidance about a primavera tool. This tool is mainly developed for managing complicated projects. Primavera Training in Chennai at FITA Academy arranges the best training programs in the Primavera tool. So learners can easily understand and familiar with it.


Primavera Features

Primavera tool that operates on an industry structure. That indicates primavera proceeds from the highest level of management down the line of project members. In terms of the key features, they are as follows.

  • Risk Management: Identity, trace and solve risks before they become issues.
  • Portfolio & Program Management: Primavera can handle various projects and portfolios at the same time.
  • Information Dashboard: A dashboard features to keep track of the main project's metrics. So the project managers can identify which project is more priority.
  • Reporting & Analytics: the capability to make status reports for stakeholders.
  • Resource Analysis & Allocation: Follow the track and reallocate resources as required.
  • Timelines: A traditional Gantt chart to schedule assignments on a bar graph.
  • Scheduling Alerts: maintaining the project and set a remembrance or alert to know when the project due comes.
  • Contract Management: Manage various projects, and collect contract information from the database is quick.

Scope of Learning Primavera

Professionals who learn Primavera Course in Chennai will get extensive knowledge of the tool and the ability to manage complicated projects. Primavera is robust, so it can be used in administration solutions for planning, and executing projects. 


The knowledge of primavera helps project managers in enhancing communication between crew members by allowing them to simply and immediately send updates. According to the statistics, top MNC companies in the USA use Primavera to obtain efficient project management. Primavera Software Training in Chennai is the best place to get knowledge in primavera.


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