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Complete Guide of Automation Anywhere

AA is the world’s largest RPA software provider which offers web-based, cloud-native offers intelligent automation solutions to the world's largest enterprises. More companies today rely on RPA platforms to develop their digital workforces. Over 400 leading brands are using this tool to handle their business processes with zero error and minimizing operational costs. Learn the use of AA tools through Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai and get a job in top companies. This tool automates small and large scale processes easily. This tool combines with unstructured data. Automation Anywhere has three components, they are:


  • Control Room
  • Bot Runner
  • Bot Creator

Characteristics of Automation Anywhere


AA supports NTLM and Kerberos-based authentication. It also supports non-reputable and comprehensive authentication. It helps credential vault with RBAC-based locker and security management system. Equip your skills, Automation courses in Chennai guidance is helpful to learn everything.


AA is flexible, it represents that you don’t want to make any changes to our previous application.


The process of AA is transparent, it also helps to monitor and manage from a centralized control room. 


Software bots provide script-less automation. It manages and monitors from a control room with high security. 

Types of Bots

Meta Bot

It is used to automate applications on PC. Users can build a new meta bot and leverage the existing one with a meta bot designer. 

Task Bot

It is easy to build and reduces cost, decreases error, improves efficiency, increases productivity, and increases capacity. 

IQ Bot

It allows developers to add cognitive capabilities. Use Machine Learning(ML) and NLP to get better results . IQ Bot offers enterprises massive gains in productivity. 

Automation Anywhere is a powerful tool which helps to save time and cost. It automates end-to-end business operations for companies. 

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