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Admin can control vendors and their products in Marketplace Website

Admin can  control vendors and  their products in Marketplace Website

Purpletree Magento multi-vendor extension allows sellers to join the site and begin selling their goods immediately, without worrying about creating websites or purchasing Domain or Hosting for it, Seller doesn't require any technical understanding of Coding and all they only require a laptop with functioning Internet Connection.

After Seller sign-up, they will need to fill in the Store details regarding their business information with address and other details, If admin approval is needed according to the rules of the website administrator is then able to review the Seller's details and let them sell their products on the website. If admin suspects that the seller is not legitimate or may be fraudulent and wants to use the website to commit fraud, admin can suspend the access to any vendor at any time so that a customer who goes to the site won't become the victim of any fraud from any seller. Purpletree Magento Multi-vendor assures that admins can only give permission to the legitimate seller only.

There are a variety of permissions that can be granted by the administrator from the global configuration of the Sellers in general as described below from Marketplace > Admin > Configuration

Allow Seller to Manage Orders

In the event that this authorization is set as yes,the seller can manage orders made by any of the customers for that seller only. Seller will be able change the status of the order for Seller, generate the Seller Invoice on behalf of Order and View the invoice for the order of Seller. If set to Nothen the seller would only view the Seller Order but would not be in a position to take any action with regard to the an order.

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace.

Seller Approval Required

If this setting is selected at yes,then it is possible to use the multi-vendor marketplace feature of Magento. It lets admin approve the seller in the event that admin believes that the seller is authentic and legitimate after signing up. If it is set to No, any Seller can sign up at any time and begin selling their products immediately, with no approval from the admin of the site. However, the administrator can deactivate any seller at any time.

Buyer Reviews Approved by the Admin

Purpletree Magento multivendor offers the possibility of reviewing any seller that a customer reviews after purchase. If the permission set is Yes. then the administrator must accept each Seller review every time a customer submits a review for any seller. If the setting is set to Yes, then Seller review will be posted on the site when a customer sends the seller a review.

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