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Build a Lucrative Decentraland NFT Marketplace Instantly

Build a Lucrative Decentraland NFT Marketplace Instantly
There are plenty of things you should explore before you start creating a virtual reality NFT platform like Decentraland.
A real-time Decentraland marketplace allows operations like,
Sell - Parcels in this Decentraland can be sold by setting up a price in that MANA token. 
Buy - Can buy wearables that can be later used for sale. 
Transfer - Assets can be transferred easily.
Explore - creates an opportunity to explore other NFT avatars. 
Name - Name it and publicly display it in the public description. 
Grants permission - Offers permission for the users to deploy on your LAND.
Manage - Chance to create or dissolve estate. 
The Marketplace View
To view the marketplace just click on to browse tab to view out the options for sale. Now select the Category option to view up a specific item. Order it, by looking up the options like the most recent, cheapest, etc. Toggle options are available to turn on and off the sale. Filter items available so that you can filter items from the name. 
To buy MANA in exchange for Ether:
  1. Open your user Settings page.
  2. Click Buy More next to your MANA balance.
  3. This takes you to Kyber Swap, where you can easily exchange Ether to MANA.
  4. Set an amount of MANA you’d like to receive or the amount of Ether you’d like to convert, then click Swap Now.
  5. Confirm this transaction on your Ethereum client and wait for the network to verify it.
Buy items
To buy LAND, Estates, wearables or unique names in Decentraland:
  1. Browse offers to find something on same that you’d like to buy and click it to open its details.
  2. On it’s details page, click Buy.
  3. Confirm this transaction on your Ethereum client and wait for the network to verify it.
Place a bid on an item
If an item isn’t listed on sale, you can still place a bid on it and offer to buy it at a specific price. The other steps of the process are just like those of buying an item.
To view a list of your open and pending bids, select My Bids on the top navbar.
From this screen you can also change the price of your bid by clicking Update. This screen also shows bids made by other users on items you own.
Sell a parcel or Estate
To sell one of your items:
  1. Open My Assets and open its details page.
  2. In the details page, click Sell.
  3. Set a price and expiration date and click List for sale. Then retype the price you’re selling it at to confirm.
  4. Confirm this transaction on your Ethereum client and wait for the network to verify it.
You can change the price of a sale that you already put on offer without having to cancel and re-create the sale. Just click Update price in the parcel or Estate’s details page.
Source:  Decentraland
Many startups and enterprises have started making yields by starting their own Decentraland like virtual reality platform. Here is a solution to start your Decentraland marketplace with ready-made Decentraland Clone script.

Ready Made Decentraland Clone Script

The ready-made decentraland clone script is the website script that is a 100% replica of the popular VR gaming platform Decentraland. Here the enhancements cannot be done and the domain will be single licensed so that only the logo can be changed. The platform built using the ready-made decentraland clone script accepts only the native currency.
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