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Role of Computer in Today’s Era

Computer plays an important role for running a successful organization. As we know without computer an organization is like dead. It is used in every field like education, medical, finance and malls etc. Earlier people work paperwork. There are some different reasons like lack of knowledge, lack of resources, lack of communication. As the time passed, in 1995 people start to use it. There is some list of computers which used earlier:

  1. Minicomputer
  2. Microcomputer
  3. Supercomputer etc.

Supercomputer is used in today’s era.

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Role of Computer Application:

Paperwork dramatically changed in computer work. For example, stock market, share market and banks etc.

  1. Finance
  2. Medical
  3. Human Resources
  4. Education

All these are define below.


Computer is used in finance. It’s more important role in SAP (System Applications Program). This program is run by entering a few codes which company generates.


Computer is used in medical line like ultrasound, preparing records of patients etc.

Human Resource:

Computer is used in human resources to track the candidate needs. So many job portals are used through computers like Naukri.com, shine.com monster etc.

Artificial intelligence is also used through computer. Candidates skills can be check through computer by installing some applications. Different kind of attendance applications are used via computer like saral.

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Role of computer in education is vast. On the glance of education, it’s use in presentation. Attending classes. There are so many institutes which are using computer for different work like research, organizing seminars and preparing e certificates.

There many professional institutes which are offering web design courses in Delhi which one can join to make career with the help of the skills of computer.

At last, I conclude it by computer plays an important role. Everybody has to learn it because its demand is more.


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