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What Are the Steps to Move Quicken to New Computer for Windows and Mac

Quicken is an effective personal finance management tool. The software records the user's financial reports and other crucial information. But at various points, people desire to get a new device for themselves. In such a case, they need to move Quicken to new computer. They want to know how to do it without causing any data loss. In this article, you'll find the exact steps involved in properly moving Quicken to another system in both Windows and Mac devices. 


What are the System Requirements for Quicken Software on Windows and Mac?

The Quicken program needs your new operating system to have specific requirements. The requirements for Windows and Mac are given below.


Windows – The memory should be at least 1 GB. It's important for the operating system to be Windows 7, 8, or 10. The processor should be 1GHz. It's also essential to have good internet connectivity.

Mac – A memory of 256 MB or more is necessary. The hard disk should be at least 100 MB. You should have an Intel-based MAckintosh PC.





What is the Manual Process to Move Quicken to a New Computer?

It is easy to move Quicken manually. Follow the stepwise procedure below.


Launch Quicken and shift to 'File.'

Go to 'Backup and Restore' and select the 'Quicken Backup' file. 

Make a backup in a local folder. 

Now, attach the removable disk. Transfer all your files. 

Safely eject the removable disk.

Place the disk in another system that has Quicken.

Copy to the folder all the Quicken files.

Launch Quicken and navigate to the option of 'Go-to-file.'

Click 'Backup and Restore' and choose 'Restore' from the backup file.

Now, go to the folder and retrieve it. 


How to Move Quicken to New Computer (Mac)

To move the software for Mac from one system to another, you first have to install the recent version of Quicken through quicken.com. After that, follow the series of steps below.


Make a copy of the Quicken file. Move it to the external disk. 

Launch Quicken in your old system and choose 'Backup.'

Next, backup your file via a USB drive or a disk.

As the next step, restore Quicken on your new computer. To do it, follow these points.

1. Link the USB drive to the new computer.

2. Next, launch Quicken and choose 'File.'

3. Then go to 'Restore from Backup.'

4. You'll notice your external drive in the left part below the 'Devices.'

5. Next, select your device and find your backup file.

6. Lastly, click 'Restore this file' and then save it to your local drive.

7. Tap the button of 'Restore.


Final Words

Now you know how to move Quicken to a new computer for both Windows and Mac. If you find any difficulty in the process, feel free to get Quicken technical support services. The support team will ensure that you safely carry out this process without damaging your data.