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Email settings for roadrunner account

Time Warner's cable Internet service provider offers Roadrunner email to its users. If you use the Time Warner Cable ISP, then you must have given access to a Roadrunner email account that you can use to send or receive emails. Roadrunner is an email service that can only be accessed by users of the Time Warner cable Internet service provider. You can easily access your Roadrunner account using your browser or an email client. However, you may not know the correct procedure to set up your Roadrunner email account on your Android phone. So to help you, we have a guide on how to set up Roadrunner email on your Android device that you can follow.


All emails from your Roadrunner account can be downloaded and saved to your computer with the help of email programs for Spectrum email server settings. And Outlook Express is probably the most popular client in the world. Unfortunately, development and support stopped and Microsoft urged all users to migrate to the Windows Live Mail desktop client.


Outlook Express was the default email program in XP and some earlier versions of the Windows operating system. It was superseded by Windows Mail in Vista. Both programs have given way to Windows Live Mail. This new email client is already installed on Windows 7 computers and can also be quickly loaded on XP and Vista.


Check email with a web browser and Outlook Express


As you probably know, the email account can also be accessed from the "humble" browser via the Roadrunner webmail. The good news is that you can use both methods to check your messages. Remember to change the settings in your Outlook Express program so that a copy of the email remains on the Roadrunner server.


To keep a copy of the email on the server, click on "Tools" -> "Accounts" -> select your Roadrunner email account from the list -> click on "Properties" -> on the "Advanced" tab , put a checkmark in front of "Leave a copy of messages on the server". In this way, you can get the Roadrunner email into Outlook Express and also keep a copy on the server that will allow you to use the Roadrunner account from another computer via webmail.


Add Email from Roadrunner


After installing an email app on your device, you need to add your Roadrunner email by typing your ID. For example, abcd@roadrunner.com. Make sure to write the full email ID.

Once you enter your Roadrunner email ID, tap Next and select Set up manually.

Enter your username and password.

Turn on the toggle next to Advanced Settings.

You will see some settings like IMAP, port, SMTP settings and more. Now, it depends on the email application you are using, as the Microsoft Outlook application automatically detects these settings for you. However, if you are using Gmail or any other application, you may need to configure these settings manually.


Configure incoming server settings


  • Select the account type as Personal (POP3).
  • The server type will be pop-server.maine.rr.com. However, it will vary from user to user based on their location.
  • You have to select your port as 110.
  • Keep the security type as None.



To use your Roadrunner email account in Gmail, open the Gmail application and email settings for roadrunner account by entering your Roadrunner email address. Touch next and select personal (POP3). Tap next again and enter your password for your Roadrunner account. Now, you can easily configure your incoming and outgoing server settings by following the steps in our guide mentioned above or contact us.

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