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Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction: In Summary

Males may not have menstrual erections due to a variety of benign reasons at any age however if Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg occurs frequently when you're trying to get one, you might have one or more risks for erectile malfunction and could have it. While this can be embarrassing and painful, erectile problems can be a sign of more serious issues like diabetes, heart disease as well as high blood pressure among others.

Seven major reasons for erectile dysfunction. They also outline how to address these causes.


To have an erection that is healthy blood vessels as well as nerves, a good libido, and adequate quantities of testosterone are essential.

Diabetes may cause issues with the blood vessels and nerves that allow for an erection to occur. Even if you have normal sexual desires and healthy levels of hormones, in the event that you have diabetes you may not have an effective erection.

Drug interactions

Drugs, no matter how prescription or not, could hinder proper erectile function. Malegra 100 might be surprising to learn that if you take drugs that are intended to aid in overcoming erectile dysfunction such as Viagra and Viagra, you could create erectile dysfunction.

Other drugs that can cause Erectile dysfunction include medications used to treat diabetes and high blood pressure or even medications prescribed as a treatment for seasonal allergy. Illegal substances, too, can trigger erectile dysfunction which include cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

Alcohol can cause problems in having an erection. however, it can cause you to desire sexual sex in the way that Shakespeare said, "It provokes the desire, but takes away the performance."

High blood pressure

If you suffer from elevated blood pressures, they may cause issues with the penis' arteries like it does with the arteries of the rest within your body. These arteries may fail to dilate properly, leading to the inability of having an erection.

Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction since it raises blood pressure and causes damage to blood vessels.

Stress and anxiety

While not always an issue with physical causes anxiety or stress about performance may make it difficult to achieve an erection. However specialists of the American Urological Association say that up to 75 percent of cases of erectile dysfunction are psychological rather than physical in the sense that they are psychological in.


If you're obese or overweight it is possible that you have trouble getting sex due to insufficiency of strength or issues with your body image. Losing just 10 percent of your weight will greatly enhance your sexual experience.


Atherosclerosis, an illness of heart and blood vessels that can trigger Erectile dysfunction. Super P Force is because plaques can build over time and cause artery walls to harden throughout the body including the arteries of the penis. This can then hinder flow of blood into the penis which results in the inability to achieve an sexual erection.

There are a variety of aspects that could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from one of these you should take steps to fix these issues and thus reduce the chance of you being prone to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

If you're someone who is extremely devoted to your sexuality and believes it is more appealing or attractive then you might find it particularly embarrassing to suffer from issues in this field. But, advances in men's health ensure that you don't must suffer from this condition in silence.

The media's attention has made the public more aware of erectile disfunction If you have issues with this, be sure to talk with your partner about it as well as your physician as well.

Marc has been working in the area of men's health and concerns since 2005.He has helped a variety of men by offering advice on how they can improve their lives, their size endurance, stamina and sexual health. Marc is committed to aiding and helping people to live an active and healthy sexual life.

Could those love handles be the reason for your temporary Erectile dysfunction? Are you eating right and performing the right exercises to avoid ED? Men who exercise for 3 hours per week are 30 percent less chance of developing erectile dysfunction, according to the Harvard Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS). This is great news for men, so if you're not paying attention to your weight or engaging in any some form of exercise, Hotmedz is the perfect time to get up and moving. The study of 31,000 men who didn't suffer from prostate cancer, between 53-90, is quite significant. Thirty-three percent of men had erectile dysfunction within the last three months. The study revealed that consistent exercising can result in 10 years without erectile dysfunction in the typical man. Previous studies have shown that exercise can lower the risk of developing prostate cancer, which could also lead to Erectile dysfunction.