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linksys wifi extender setup

Extenders are a great way to expand the coverage of WiFi networks. In recent years, there have been a number of innovations to extend the wireless range without the need for a new WiFi system. Extenders are a cost-effective solution, and Linksys extenders in particular are known for their affordable product line. If you recently purchased a Linksys extender, RouterGuide will help you with the setup process. The setup is fairly straightforward and an attempt has also been made to simplify the process in non-technical language. So, without wasting any time, let's proceed to the setup of the Linksys extender.


How to get started with the Linksys extender setup?


First of all, you need to understand a few basics before proceeding. An extender is basically a repeater that increases the range of WiFi in the same way that a router does. It is basically a router itself, but it works in sync with the existing router. Also, this guide works on all Linksys extender models, so you don't have to worry about that. With that said, let's move on to the next step.


Steps to setup the Linksys WiFi Extender


  • Plug the extender into an electrical outlet and wait for all the indicators to stabilize. During the initial setup, try to keep the Linksys Extender close to your router for easy access. After initial setup, you can connect it anywhere within your facility.
  • Next, connect the extender to your router using an Ethernet cable. Please note that all setup processes must be done via a wired connection so that a seamless connection can be established. Also, keep in mind that your PC must be connected to the router via WiFi or Ethernet cable.
  • Now open a browser on your PC and type in the search bar and hit enter. It will open the Linksys Extender Setup page. Keep the username field blank and type admin as the password and click the login button. It will log in and take you to the settings page.
  • Here, navigate to the Wireless menu from the top panel and click on Basic Wireless Settings. Now go to the Configuration View tab and set the mode to manual. Then it will ask for the SSID name. SSID is basically the WiFi name of the network device. Search for the Linksys Extender's WiFi name using a smartphone and enter the exact name of the Extender's WiFi in the SSID field.
  • Next, in the Wireless Security option, change the security option to WPA / WPA2 as it is the best security protocol for wireless network devices. Enter a strong password that includes alphabet, numbers, and characters, and click Save Settings. Now go to Advanced Settings and open the Restart menu. Click the Restart button and let it reboot itself to complete the Linksys extender setup.


After almost 30 seconds, the router will reboot and pair with the Linksys Extender without any problem. Unplug the extender from the router and plug it into any corner of your home. You will start to get wider WiFi coverage and you can enjoy the internet without any network drop. This is how you can set up the Linksys extender with the help of a browser.


Problems faced during the configuration of the Linksys WiFi Extender


If you cannot access the configuration page through, try Both addresses are assigned to access network devices, so if the former doesn't work, the latter will surely work.

During the setup of the Linksys WiFi Extender, if the router does not allow you to log in with the default credentials, you may need to perform a factory reset. To do so, press and hold the reset button on the back of your router for a while, all the lights will flash at once and your router will be restored to factory settings. Note that this will delete all of your personal network settings, so keep a network backup handy. After the reset process, you can proceed with the default password and it will allow you to enter.



This was an easy guide to accessing the linksys wifi extender setup and pairing it with your existing router. RouterGuide hopes that this guide will make it easy to set up the Linksys Extender and that you can finally expand your WiFi coverage without a hitch.

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