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How to setup HP printer?

123 hp com/Setup is for the HP Printer Driver and Installation Guide. As you know, Windows has a built-in printer driver for most types of printers. Which is useful for performing the basic functions of most printers. For any questions, you can visit our website HP.Com/Setup. Now let's get down to business. Here are some simple and straightforward tips and instructions to help you set up your printer on your own. Please carefully follow the instructions given below.


HP printer setup via USB


Connect your PC and printer via USB and connect to the same network. Turn on your printer and if you have not installed your HP printer driver, remove the USB cable and install the drivers first. To install the driver, follow the procedure: Device> Printer control panel> Settings> Model number> Remove device. Now go to the link www.123.hp.com/setup and enter the model number of the printer there. Follow all on-screen commands and press the Continue button. In the next window, a page will appear to enter the printer button. If you want to make some changes to the printer settings, you can make changes from the same window. Under the Driver Title option, click Downloads to get the full software package. And choose Basic Driver to select Driver option. Select the USB printer connection option at the installer prompt and complete the setup. Now you can print and fax successfully through your printer.


123 HP Setup and Installation


123 HP printers are the best-selling printers in the printer market. These printers provide world-class performance in printing.

To install your 123 HP printer, unpack your printer.

Now remove all packing material from your printer and place your HP printer in a clean space.

Confirm if there is no packing material left anywhere in the printer.

Finally, start the 123 HP printer setup by plugging in the power cord and start using the printer.


123 HP Printer Driver


The 123 HP printer setup is now ready to use. Before getting started with your printer you now need to install your printer on your computer.

Make sure you are not connecting your HP printer to the computer through a USB connection.

Because this may interrupt the HP printer setup installation process.

Now use the HP printer setup driver CD to install 123 HP Setup on your computer.

I assume your CD is out of date, then you can download the HP printer driver from 123 hp com.


Configure the HP printer through 123 hp com/Setup- Step-by-step guide


  • To configure or install an HP wireless printer on your Windows operating system, follow the steps below to enjoy all the updated features and settings of your HP printer.
  • Turn on your HP printer to start the setup process.
  • Connect the printer with your router and see the steps mentioned there.
  • Find the link “123 hp com/setup” and install all the HP printer models you are using.
  • After finishing the installation process, download and move to the folder where you have recently saved the files.
  • Now go to Control Panel and select the Device and Printer option.
  • Now select the "Add Printer" option shown in the right corner.
  • Please wait a few moments and connect the Hp wireless printer with the computer.
  • Finally, complete the process to configure your window via the link above "123.h.com/setup".
  • Try now to print any document or file.


Installing the HP wireless printer in Windows via "123 hp com/Setup"


To configure a wireless HP printer from the link 123 hp com/setup. The option will be available to select a setting.

Check out the broad type of printer listed. Deskjet, Officejet, Envy, Laserjet, etc.

It will provide you with an option to choose the type of printer you have.

Say, for example, and you choose to select the type of Officejet, a box will flash on your screen and ask for your model number.

Enter your product details there and if you find your lost product in the list, give us a call or type manually in the search bar.

After selecting the name and type of your device, you will be redirected to the page where you will find the process to configure your wireless printer.




We perform the configuration and installation of the HP Envy, HP Officejet, HP Officejet Pro, and HP Deskjet printers. Download and install the recommended driver from 123.hp.com/setup. If you need help with setting up your HP printer, please give us a call.


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