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How to connect brother printer to wifi?

The new range of Brother laser printers offers all the efficiencies, features, and functionality that are most important to SMBs. This has resulted in a series of new printers that give businesses the best of both worlds so you don't have to compromise.


Every business seeks to minimize waste and maximize productivity, but for SMEs, this is possibly even more important. Ambitious small businesses need to keep a close eye on costs while focusing on growth, so even small daily losses of time and money can have a significant business impact. How to connect brother printer to wifi is not a big problem. For SMEs, identifying and solving these day-to-day inefficiencies is critical.


In fact, research has shown that small and medium-sized businesses in the UK could save up to 5 million hours of work each week by solving everyday IT problems on their own. In partnership with YouGov, Brother UK revealed that 21% of senior SME leaders believe that problems with printers are one of the main things that waste employees' time. More than two-thirds of these respondents estimated that their employees lost between one and two hours a week solely due to defective printers.


How to connect the Brother printer to WiFi


It is very important to connect the Brother printer to WiFi because without an Internet connection, you cannot configure the printer driver. And before you had the printer driver on your computer, you couldn't print. How to connect Brother printer to wifi is a common query from users. So, in case you don't know how to connect the Brother printer to Wifi to make a WiFi connection between your Brother printer's Wi-Fi settings and your computer, just take the Wi-Fi Printer Setup Help from Brother. Surely you will know all the methods in the simplest way.


As long as you connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you can take advantage of the ability to print from anywhere, even from your mobile phone. Via the USB cable, the Brother printer can also be configured for a wireless network to bring your computer to the network.


Before establishing a connection, you must have a password and the name of the network. So keep these requirements handy so you can enter them when prompted to yield.


That means a lot of work hours are wasted, but only 21% of those surveyed mentioned faster IT support as one of the top three things that would help improve productivity. Most focused more on training employees and rewarding their performance as key drivers of productivity. While it's important to nurture employee relationships and cultivate a good work culture, as an SMB, you could miss out on improving your productivity quickly, easily, and affordably simply by upgrading your office equipment.


Hi, I have bought a new Brother printer for office use, I want to connect the Brother printer with my wi-fi, but I cannot connect this printer via wifi. If you have any suggestions, please give me an idea on how to connect my Brother printer.


Connect Brother Printer to WiFi


Here are some steps to configure the wireless installation of the Brother printer.


  • You must use the control panel to configure your Brother printer wirelessly.
  • First, connect the AC power cord to your printer and turn it on.
  • Press MENU.
  • Press the up or down arrow key to choose network / wireless settings.
  • Press the up or down arrow key to choose the network and press ok.
  • Press the up or down arrow key to choose the WLAN and press ok.
  • Press the up or down arrow key to choose the setup wizard and press ok.
  • When Lan Enable ... appears to enable the wireless network.


The printing solution for SMEs


The latest range of Brother laser printers has been specifically designed for SMBs with productivity in mind. From its rugged construction to innovative features, the new range includes stand-alone and multifunction printers with SMBs at the center of it all. Connecting the Brother printer to wifi is not a big problem. The problem here is undoubtedly a waste reduction with the goal of improving efficiency and overall productivity. Everything from printer design to power consumption has been improved to reduce wasted space, time, and costs, all of which can have a significant impact on the productivity and efficiency of a small business.




In this place, we share all the steps to connect the Brother printer to wifi. All the steps are easy. Anyone can connect their printer to Wi-Fi with this guide. After following these steps still, you are having trouble in connect Brother Printer to Wifi, you can contact us at any time, our expert technicians are available 24/7 for your help.


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