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Company registration and legal services

Company establishment


  • Drafting foundation and formation documents of the company
  • Drafting documents aimed to register amendments of the incorporation documents
  • Assistance before Tax Authority to apply for VAT payer status
  • Assistance before state authorities to obtain the necessary permits and licences
  • Assistance in bank to open a bank account

Administrative cases


  • Analysis of administrative decisions made by public and self-government authorities, consultations regarding the appealing against administrative decisions.
  • Preparation of applications and other documents to appeal against administrative decisions.
  • Representation and protection of client’s interests in the Administrative court of Latvia and other above-mentioned authorities.
  • Consultations and assistance in receiving compensation for material and moral damage caused by public and self-government authorities, assistance in defining the amount of the damage.

Elaboration and analysis of agreements


  • Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of agreements used in commercial activity.
  • Purchase agreements, pledge agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, allowance agreements, contractor agreements, transport agreement, commission agreements, labour agreements.
  • Non-commercial activity agreements: amicable agreements, marriage agreements, inheritance agreements etc.
  • Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of annexes to the agreements: acceptance statements, payment schedules, plans, specifications, technical assignments, arrangements etc.
  • Elaboration and analysis of all other documents used in commercial activity: commercial offers, letters of claim, objections, warnings, notifications, statements and agreements on termination, alteration and supplementation, as well as any other documents.
  • Consultations regarding amendments, violation, termination, validity, legality or interpretation of the above-mentioned documents.
  • Development of concepts and schemes aimed at protecting client’s interests regarding the performance and termination of the agreement. https://www.baltic-legal.com/legal-services-eng.htm
  • Representation of the client and protection of his interests regarding the conclusion, performance and termination of the agreement, participation in negotiations.
  • Registration of agreements in corresponding authorities of Latvia (Register of Enterprises, Land Register, Patent Office etc.).
  • Invalidity of the agreement by judicial procedure.



  • Consultations regarding national and international registration of trademarks, use of exclusive rights on the trademark, sale of the trademark, its transfer to other persons.
  • Assistance in searching of identical or similar images before registration of the trademark, consultations regarding the results of the search.
  • Preparation and submission of the application and other documents necessary for registration of the trademark.
  • Tracking of all stages of trademark’s registration and informing the client about the course of registration.
  • Representation of the client’s interests in Patent Office in respect of trademark’s registration.
  • Analysis and elaboration of licenses and license agreements on transfer of rights regarding the use of trademark.

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