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Steps for canon printer setup through ij start.cannon

Visit ij.start.canon and find out the best way to download Canon printer drivers. Canon printers are ideal for any situation where you need a document, paper, or photo print or even want to scan, fax, and do more ijstart.canon will teach you how to configure a Canon printer for advanced printing capabilities. To complete the setup of your Canon ij printer with various connectivity options such as WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and others, please refer to and follow the steps mentioned below.


Step-by-step guidelines for installing the printer driver


Here is the concise, detailed, and complete printer driver installation procedure for canon setup:


If you have not customized the file location, you simply need to go to the Downloads folder to run the downloaded file. Double-click the ij start.cannon installation files and click Run to quickly extract the files.

The main Canon driver setup interface will appear on your screen. Before proceeding to the next page, check the language in which you will use the software to control the printer. So to edit it, click on the Language tab and it will show all the available options. Select the language that you can recognize well and then click Next on the main screen.

Now, you need to set up a connection between your printer and your computer. For that, you can opt for a USB connection or a wireless connection method. When the printer is paired successfully, just select your printer. Depending on your printer model, it will display the driver and other additional software lists.

Activate the desired checkboxes of the software package. Also, you must have enough space to download the printer driver. If your computer does not have enough space, uninstall some of the unwanted programs from your system. Now, tap on the Next button and go ahead to configure ij.start.canon.

The license agreement window will appear on your screen. You should read all the statements provided in the document to avoid future problems. To agree to the License Agreement, you must select the Yes option. This will immediately start the installation of the selected driver and additional software.

After the driver setup is complete, you can test the operation of your printer by printing a page. To do this, the printer tray should contain a few A4-size pages. Then click the Run button and your printer will print a page right away. This concludes the controller configuration via ij.start.cannon.


Canon IJ Wireless Setup


  • For this Canon IJ wireless setup, some conditions must be met for the WPS button method, check the steps mentioned here:
  • See your printer's guide for WPS details. In the absence of WPS on your printer, choose the standard connection type and continue.
  • Turn on your printer and then press and hold the Wi-Fi button. A blue color that appears on a Wi-Fi network prompts you to press the WPS button.
  • Now is the time to configure your network. Load the paper and run until you find the required flash count.
  • By doing this, you will find that your information is easily printed in a few steps using the canon IJ wireless settings.


Hardware Configuration - ij.start.canon


Begin the Canon printer setup process by carefully removing the ij.start.canon from the packaging box. Along with that, make sure you have removed all the packing material.

 Thereafter, connect your printer to a power source such as a wall socket with its power cord. Then press its Power button to turn it on.

Once this process is complete, you need to access the Control Panel/display of your printer. Now, complete your setup. In other words, select Language; Country / Region; Self-managed, etc.

The tutorial in the video at ij.start.cannon will guide you through the steps to load the cartridge and paper, please follow them carefully.


Canon printer setup steps for Windows


In your Canon printer, install cartridges.

Turn on the printer.

Make sure on your WIFI router there is a WPS button available where the printer and the system need to be connected to the same network.

Open your browser and go to canon.com/ijsetup and download the latest version of the Canon printer setup.

Double-tap the downloaded settings icon and follow the instructions.

In case it doesn't install automatically, you need to install it manually.

For manual installation, on your printer, go to settings and choose a radio option.

Now, press the WPS button on your WIFI router in 2 minutes. "

After the Canon IJ printer setup is installed, you can use it to print the files.




Don't feel bad if you sincerely follow the guidelines for Canon IJ setup through http://ij.start.cannon but unfortunately, you still couldn't print from Windows or Mac. We are extremely talented and well-educated tech specialists working around the clock constantly to better support you. Therefore, dial the provided helpline number at any time and connect with us without any fear. We will surely help you with this so that in the blink of an eye you can configure your printer.


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