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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Real Money Ludo Game?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Real Money Ludo Game?



A classic board game that gives real game experience can take your online business to the next level. Ludo has a different fan base because of its ancient popularity that has attracted every user to its doorstep. If you look back at the popularity of this game then the idea to develop a ludo game app turned out to be a huge success. 


Time and efforts to complete this project as per the client’s requirements needs to be mapped to calculate the exact figure. If dedicated developers for a Ludo game development are hired on a per hour basis, then you might save a few bucks as only you will be responsible for the overall management of the project. There are so many options available in the market for Ludo game development in a budget-friendly manner. 

Factors Affecting Cost of Ludo Game Development

Design of the Game:

Design of the game and high-quality user-interface both are the major factors that affect the cost of development. It is important to have an easy to use interface and engaging design for your ludo game app. The overall budget should be set in such a way that it can give the best possible design for the users. 

Advanced Features: 

Muli-player, daily bonus, online/offline mode, RNG certified games, rewards and loyalty are some of the additional features that you can add to make it more attractive. 


Mobile App Platform: 

The cost of developing a ludo game app is dependent on the type of platform selected among Android, iOS, windows or react native. 

App Size: 

Including all the advanced features in the application will influence its size and overall development cost of the application. Pages, features and additional functions make it large in size and affects the cost of development. 


After analyzing above mentioned factors if you are eager to create real money ludo game development services then contact Mobiweb Technologies which is a professional Board game development company providing a variety of board games to global clients. 


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