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Visualizing The World of eCommerce Through the Eyes of Digital Transformation

In the present scenario, consider any panel discussion or business meetings for that matter, it is almost next to impossible to imagine it going without the discussion of the buzzword 'digital transformation'. Sometimes hearing one phrase more than the required amount of time can start to dilute the meaning. 
Firstly, what does digital transformation mean in real sense? And even more than that, why is it essential for your business? 
The Industrial Revolution transformed agrarian societies into manufacturing centers and changed the work that people used to do. It provided them with the standards of living they could expect. 

In the same manner, the Digital Revolution or Digital Transformation has changed how people communicate, shop, and work.

Technology has been the catalyst for revolutionizing the society we live in today. Every business is adapting to these changes and have started innovating and investing in digital strategies. 

What is Digital Transformation? 
We can digital transformation as a protocol that has a profound impact affecting business processes, ecosystems, and models as and when they integrate digital technologies at all levels. 

Digital transformation means adapting new technologies that are available and changing customer expectations, societal shifts, and industry disruptions. This has made the ongoing businesses more customer-focused, agile, adaptive to new opportunities, and efficient in order to stay competitive. 

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Businesses are undergoing digital transformation implementing technology, processes, and big data to solve traditional business problems. Such strategies and new business models open up the overall potential for new streams of income, new partnerships, and a broader reach for the brand. 

Here are some of the trends which are the results of digital transformation. 

Shoppers tend to purchase online
If one has to talk about one of the most fundamental changes in consumer behavior, then it is where people are shopping. The place at which they shop also affects when, how, and what they will shop. 

And the current market is ruled by mobile apps. It is easy to  Hire remote teams of developers today and construct a native app where you can target your shoppers and create a marketing funnel. 

Instant-purchase gratification is the key
With the amount of convenience rising for customers, they have understandably started expecting more and more from businesses. With Amazon Prime offering that includes free two-day shipping on eligible purchases, it is hard to imagine those days when we as consumers were expected to wait 5-7 days for products to get delivered. 

Companies like Amazon have made it the default to expect consumers' goods soon after you hit the checkout button. And one fine day, Amazon announces an upgrade from two-day to one-day shipping, throwing a new gauntlet. 

Having an online presence has become a norm
Window shopping has become outdated, this is the generation of online window shopping. People do not simply want to see your website to get information about your products, they want a sense of your brand as well. A neat website creates not only a frictionless buyer journey, but also an overall positive user experience. 

The same is the case with the UI of an app. A well made app that channels the users smoothly through your brand and the checkout process, wins. A wise decision today's eCommerce retailers can make is getting in touch with a reputed Android or  iPhone app development company  in order to engineer a trustworthy app. 

It is imperative that the more time people spend online, they will end up shopping there more. However, as online retailers one needs to drill down on exactly where they're shopping.


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