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Which Framework Can Be Used To Build Cross-Platform Applications?

Which Framework Can Be Used To Build Cross-Platform Applications?

Today, with the growing demand of various mobile technologies, Cross-platform Mobile App Development also plays a crucial role in this digital world. It is one of the programming approaches for the mobile apps which allow developers to create applications on numerous platforms using single codebase. The app will provide the same user experience across all devices. As most of the businesses are adopting mobile app solutions across all OS platforms to gain maximum traffic with good sales. Hence, here we have listed a few frameworks which can be used for building result-driven cross-platform mobile applications.

1)  Ionic:

It is one of the most remarkable and well-known framework compared to other frameworks. Using ionic, a developer can use a combination of many languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, and many others. It also allows developers to create a flawless user interface with user-friendly features in the application. Hence, you can make interactive and native-like mobile applications using ionic.

2)  React Native:

React Native is the open-source framework which is built on JavaScript and used to write real code and provides native-like app experience which works both on Android and iOS. It is mostly preferred choice for the developers because it reduces the development time and highly compatible with third-party plugins. Hence, it is also one of cross-platform app development frameworks which will help you to build a responsive mobile application.

3)  Flutter

Flutter is introduced by Google in 2017 to offer the native-like experience to end-users. It is a software development kit designed for developing Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It works on Dart language and provides indomitable features for consistent performance of app across available devices.

Moreover, these are the main cross-platform mobile app application frameworks that you can use for building a reliable mobile application. But, a few are still left, to know them you can refer to our recently published blog: 5 Frameworks to Lead the Cross-Platform App Development in 2020. Thanks for reading! 

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