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подключение ЕРИП

Подключение платежной системы ЕРИП на ваш сайт в Беларуси. Настройка систем оплаты на веб-ресурсах. Подключение интернет-эквайринга, платежных шлюзов и агрегаторов. Разработка сайтов самостоятельно без программирования. 

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Best Mobile App Development Company in Hyderabad, India

iPrism Technologies is a global technology and process driven software, web and mobile app development  company 

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ГК Телесистемы представляют новое семейство профессиональных диктофонов Edic-mini Weeny

ГК "Телесистемы" - российский разработчик и изготовитель уникальных диктофонов Edic-mini  готовит к выпуску новую модель диктофона Edic-Mini Weeny A113 размером 5*13*34мм.

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Enterprise Mobile & Web App Development Company

Top mobile app development company offers Android, iOS apps & web application development services. Hidden Brains is an IT services company providing services such as web application development services

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Announcement: Enforcing a New FME Workbench Auto-Layout

Starting tomorrow, we’re throwing all of this away in favour of a new, 

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IncNow’s William Purman Competes in the Piediluco International Regatta

In February while I was training in Puerto Rico 

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24 Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Starting a company is hard, so you're going to need a lot of advice along the way.
There are many entrepreneurs, investors and bloggers who churn out business advice daily, but it's a pain figuring out which sites are worth reading.
We've compiled a list of our favorite sources of small business and tech news for entrepreneurs.
Running the gamut from hilarious, to informational, to controversial, to thought-provoking, these blogs are all must-reads for anyone who's running a business.




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Windows 10: IT wants to manage PCs like phones

When three large government departments merged to create the Australian Department of Human Services, it took the new department almost three years to migrate to Windows 7. Having gone through those “three hard years,” the IT team was determined not to fall behind again, says Mike Brett, the department’s general manager for information communication technology infrastructure.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship Research Paper

Growth, innovation, and flexibility are the main traits associated with entrepreneurship. Both theorists and practitioners consider these traits as desirable not only for entrepreneurial ventures, but also for established corporations. In the Schumpeterian view, however, the transition from a new venture to an established firm is associated with a descent of entrepreneurial spirit and an ascent of bureaucratic management. The integration of theories of organizational design and entrepreneurship results in the concept of corporate entrepreneurship (CE) that focuses on entrepreneurial behavior in larger established organizations.

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HRL: Efficient and Flexible Reconfigurable Logic for Near-Data Processing

The energy constraints due to the end of Dennard scaling, the popularity of in-memory analytics, and the advances in 3D integration technology have led to renewed interest in neardata processing (NDP) architectures that move processing closer to main memory. Due to the limited power and area budgets of the logic layer, the NDP compute units should be area and energy efficient while providing sufficient compute capability to match the high bandwidth of vertical memory channels. They should also be flexible to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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