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A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development

We all use the web in our day to day life, but how many of you know how it works? Web development typically refers to coding and web markup, it includes development tasks such as content management system (CMS) development, network security configuration, client-side scripting, eCommerce development, and many more. Build your website now Web Developer course in Chennai helps people a lot more to achieve.


What is HTML?


HyperText Markup Language is the basic language which is highly used for web development. It provides the basic structure of a website such as words, title, and paragraph. HTML represents different functions and it translates the data into readable formation. 


What is JavaScript?


JavaScript is how you are managing the behavior of a webpage. If you are interested in developing the web, start learning the basics of JavaScript through a Web Development course in Chennai. It is the popular programming language that provides immediate results based on their code. 


What is CSS?


Cascading Style Sheet describes how HTML elements will perform on the website. A developer can control the website style, format, presentation, background images, border colors, RGB values, and many more. It declares the set of rules that defines a set of their values and properties. 


Technology Stack


The basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is necessary for the web development process. A technology stack is the combination of software, tools, applications, and programming languages all built on top to make a perfect website. Web developers and companies use different tech stacks based on their needs. Equip yourself, Web Development Training in Chennai guidance helps to learn the latest technology updates.




A framework in web development is similar, it offers tools, built-in programs, and plugins that you can install into your website files. Frontend and Backend frameworks use different coding languages.


Frontend frameworks


Vue: It’s a progressive framework based on JavaScript.


Ember: Used by LinkedIn, Netflix, good for mobile applications. 


Angular: good for Single Page Applications (SPA), based in TypeScript


Backbone: lightweight, based on JavaScript


Backend frameworks


Flask: easy to set up, based on Python


Django: used by Instagram and Google, based on Python


Ruby: used by Soundcloud, helpful for small projects, based on Ruby


Spring Boot: easy to use and good for cloud-based projects.


What are libraries?


A library is a collection of non-volatile resources and features that can add to your website for functionality. There are tons of libraries, each one has different specialties and few of them are listed below.


Wow.js: Helps to show animations as you scroll


React.js: To create an interactive User Interface (UIs)


jQuery: To manipulate CSS, HTML and DOM


Scrolline.js: To show how far you scrolled on a page.


Web Development Tools


Having the right tools will help to build the web faster, a developer can use three basic things like a text editor, browser, and version control system for better results. 


Web Browser


A good web developer can use different kinds of browsers. The most common browsers used by web developers are listed below. 


Google Chrome: JavaScript and DevTools, uses a lot of memory.


Opera: free Virtual Private Server (VPS) service.


Edge: integrated with Windows


Mozilla Firefox: open-source platform, works on common operating systems such as Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows.


Develop your web with magnificent features through the support of a Web Design course in Chennai, expert support is helpful to learn everything.


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