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covid test dublin

Step 1:     
Check In: Please arrive for your test no earlier than the dedicated time slot for your booking. You must also bring with you some form of ID to confirm name and Date of Birth. A member of staff will confirm your booking time. You must use the hand sanitiser dispensers on site and wear a face mask at all times, covering both the nose and mouth. Once checked-in you will be guided to the swabbing booth.covid test dublin

Step 2:
Swabbing Booth – Ensure you have your face mask on covering your nose and mouth.
Once in the swabbing booth, the technician will ask for your consent. The test will then be undertaken. This involves putting a small swab to the back of your mouth and then to the back of your nose. This may be uncomfortable but should not be painful. Please try and bear with it as insufficient cells may show an invalid result. Once you have had your test completed you can then leave the swabbing station. We ask that you do not linger on site and leave immediately after your test.

Step 3:
Your Results: You will receive your results 24-48 hours post test.  Results will be sent via text and report via email. Please read our 01/01/2022 UPDATE on our booking section regarding latest updated report times.

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